May 17, 2024

Newsletter #293 - The Banana Zone

Hi Shitcoiners,

This week’s CPI report showed inflation is easing, which would only mean one thing for us. We are so back.

Even after the initial CPI pump, the prices showed no sign of slowing down. Up only.

The vibe has been shifting with the re-emergence of Roaring Kitty. Many are expecting the price pump caused by the TradFi GCR to trickle down into crypto. Snapshots occurred.

If you understand what is being said in this next tweet, then we hate to break it to you but you need to go and touch grass like the rest of us.

Welcome to the banana zone!

Ansem wasn’t sure what the banana zone was either.

But he would soon learn.

For those of you still in the dark here is an explainer.

And if that is too right of the bell curve for you here is a much simpler version.

If the banana zone theory wasn’t convincing enough, PlanB’s post might be enough to tell you the bull is back. We are going vertical!

When your portfolio is hitting all-time-highs it is usually time to diversify. El Salvador wants your gains.

The degeneracy in crypto can go be extreme. Take as an example. The stroke-inducing Solana launchpad has been the go-to for memecoins as of late. The numbers are pretty impressive.

However, this week there would be some controversy.

The team would be quick to redeploy and made efforts to make things right.

Here’s the post-mortem.

The former employee in question was not in the shadows. His name is STACCoverflow. This man is unhinged.

This has movie script potential.

As it remains unclear what will happen to Stacc, one of the Tornado devs has learned his fate.

The “James Bond of Crypto” who we imagine you have never heard of either, has fleed London after he became a target. Yikes!

To some brighter content now. We have never seen a product demo hit so hard. This is some next level stuff.

Majin is back. This time he has reincarnated as Tabasco. His latest theory is that Tabasco is active and making some big moves. We don’t know what is real anymore.

One thing we do know about Trabucco is that he is still alive. The man who got away from the FTX collapse seemingly unscathed has jumped to the defence of his “best friend” Ryan Salame.

Another week, another ETH ETF rumour. There’s one man in the way.

And he does not consent!

This industry can be the best thing you have ever been a part of or a literal nightmare.

Here’s an example of where it is a nightmare.

And here is an example of it being the best thing ever.

We round this one off with another crossover meme for you. Remember, if a coin is down -90%, it can only go down another -10%. You got this.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next time.