April 5, 2024

Newsletter #287 - It's the Thought that Counts

Hey Shitcoiners,

It has been a red week and we hope you aren’t down too bad. When our portfolios are looking worse than they did last week, it’s time to speak to a higher power.

Or start watching motivational videos.

We know you aren’t really buying the dip. You are already all-in. It’s the thought that counts.

Ethena made waves this week as their ENA token dropped, making some market participants a small fortune. If you didn’t get any free tokens, there are always other ways to feel something.

So far, Ethena has been fully focused on Ethereum but this is about to change. Bitcoin has entered the room.

Many have likened Ethena to UST and we all know how that turned out. Andre isn’t sure it’s going to end well.

But Jmo thinks the comparisons are stupid.

If airdrop hunting isn’t your thing, how about degenerate gambling on Base?

But remember, this is fed chain.

Fed chain!

There are alternatives. You can head over to Solana and get there rugged instead.

If you thought being rugged by some random guy in on the internet was bad, imagine when you get rugged by VCs instead! It’s coming.

It’s better to get in and out before we meet that fate. Leave the group chat ASAP.

Degen chain also caught some attention this week. The slot machines are functional and everyone is clicking buttons. You have to be in it to win it, right?

Look at the state of things.

Open Google, do some searches and start working out how you can front-run new launches. It was obvious.

The old guard of the Ethereum L2s have not been getting as much attention as they would like. Desperate times call for desperate measures. This will surely make everyone trade on Arbitrum!

We will just leave this here.

Base, Solana and the ETH L2s not your thing? Try Aptos! But remember, single player games are always the fastest.

It’s side hustle szn. Get started now and maybe you will have something to fall back on if everything crashes and burns.

Jmo has been at it too!

Or don’t bother with a side hustle, just become customer support instead. Cobie has been in the trenches.


Cobie featured in this interesting looking round on Solana, alongside some of the… Ethereum Foundation? Yikes.

Justin Sun, another of our favourites is up next. He doesn’t know how US investors managed to get hold of his tokens. He never meant for it to happen, honestly!

To something a little more lighthearted now. It’s great to see Vitalik is scoring 10/10s. The community notes look like unsubstantiated FUD to us.

When he’s not hooking up with hotties, Vitalik is putting redemption arcs on a silver platter. Bring back Mark Karpeles.

We probably don’t need Mt. Gox 2.0 or MtSocks though.

Another thing we don’t really need is a debate between Bitcoin and Ethereum maxis.

Picture this. You buy a McLaren and brand it with DOGE logos. That’s fine. However, you then become a Cardano maxi and decide that you’ll put those terrible logos on it instead. Not fine.

A new partnership has also emerged between CL and the community. His DMs are now a place to store shopping lists.

Have you been trying to play the market this time around? You might have been blown out.

Or, you could be walking away with an insane P&L.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next time.

Team Shitcoin.com