March 29, 2024

Newsletter #286 - 25 Years

Hey Shitcoiners,

After months of waiting for news, the verdict is in. 25 years for SBF.

Judge Kaplan had “never seen a performance quite like it”. The court appearances by SBF were erratic, confusing but in the end, damning. Here’s one CT members commentary of how the earlier trial went down.

With any lengthy sentence associated with crypto, Ross Ulbricht’s case is highlighted. The creator of Silk Road is serving 2 life sentences.

Here’s a glimpse into the future from Lopp!

Speaking of run ins with the law, Do Kwon now has the title of “hardest photo crypto has ever produced”.

To business news. Pump and dumps are not just reserved for the memecoins of Solana and Base. Now legitimate businesses are leveraging Bitcoin to create insane valuations. The CEO of Nilam Resources has resigned the day after his company stock went through the roof.

Are MicroStrategy mispriced? Kerrisdale Capital think so. They are long BTC and short MSTR. We have no idea how this is going to turn out.

With Solana memecoin szn taking a breather this week, attention turned to anything that resembled the next meta. Base caught some attention, however, are we fitting square pegs into circular holes?

Sometimes being early isn’t the best move. At least you might get a participation medal though.

Over on Blast, a $62M hack sent the industry into a frenzy.

There were calls for the chain to be rolled back. As expected this was hotly debated. It even led to talks of a “Blast Classic”. This space just keeps on giving.

It’s all getting a little crazy in here. We need Vitalik back!

And more Arthur bullposting!

Right now all we have is NFT Nick. RIP.

This industry is not for the faint hearted. It’s easy to put in 80-100 work weeks and still get rekt.

It’s getting so insane you can lose it all, on-chain, on drugs and ladies of the night now too. The new meta just dropped.

A fresh wave of market participants are coming for your lunch. They will also take your juice box.

Many of our favourites have had a rough month. What is this Pepe?

Jmo got buried on his degen account, but at least his skills in the kitchen are levelling up!

This is not the time for negativity. Block the bears.

We round this edition off with some evidence from Luke Dashjr that God is real.

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