March 8, 2024

Newsletter #283 - In Flow State

Hey Shitcoiners,

Before we kickstart this bullish edition of the newsletter, we want to get you in the zone. Let’s get you in a state of SaylorFlow. Once in this state, your girlfriends will get girlfriends. The citadel awaits.

You don’t believe us? LilMoonLambo demonstrated this week exactly how women react to his portfolio.

Those who bought the previous cycle top and waited it out, are now eagerly logging into their Coinbase accounts to contemplate “what if?”.

Imagine being homeless and still having $10M to deploy. It truly is a special time to be alive.

The demand for Bitcoin is ramping up. We always expected an eventual liquidity crunch, but it’s happening faster than we thought. Cash App temporarily ran out of BTC. Oh wait, we aren’t there yet. Check the notes.

The Bitcoin ETFs have exceeded expectations of the normies, but those of us who have been in the space for a while suspected this might happen. All of that hopium we bottled up is finally paying off.

The bull posts are coming in heavy. If you want to get excited about what’s to come for Bitcoin, this is the thread for you. Let’s get it.

While Bitcoin makes it’s way to all-time high, the rest of our coins are also doing pretty great. If you bought Solana on that epic single digit dip, you may have entered a new level of wealth. It is millionaire szn.

Is this guy going to make it? Is there a 1000x in there?

Don’t fumble the generational wealth bag, frens.

And remember, this time is different…

Some interesting polls are surfacing. It turns out most are expecting to make the bulk of their gains on alts. Could they be caught offside?

NFTs are slowly picking up some momentum once again. When we start seeing multi-million dollar Punk sales, it might be time for some spicy price action.

The fallen heroes of the last cycle are gradually seeing their judicial processes progress. Do Kwon has won his extradition appeal.

Su has already spent his few months inside. He’s now quoting Kobe Bryant and shilling us on sleeping on the floor. RIP.

One key figure of the last few years was Sam Tabasco. It appears he has left his sailboat behind and is now in SF. He looks much more trim these days.

Pomp is back on the Bitcoin train now. But remember, he shilled BlockFi and you lost money. Jmo never forgets.

With increased prices comes some insane volatility. As Bitcoin reached it’s all-time-high recently, one OG miner dumped his bags.

What happens to the price next? We have no idea. All we can do is hope this Dune chart means nothing.

Imagine going against 52 million Americans who own crypto. Katie Porter is NGMI.

It’s feeling a little different this time around. 2021 felt like it had some weak foundations, this time we have ETFs, Wall Street and nation states. Our bodies are ready.

However, it’s important to remember who you are up against here. You are competing against boomers were deep pocket, and they are outperforming many of you.

Make crypto cypherpunk again!

If we are playing PvP or PvE is still a contentious talking point. One CT member thinks that 10T total market cap is the final boss. It still feels a little PvP to us though…

Yep, still PvP.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next time.