March 1, 2024

Newsletter #282 - Welcome To Pumptopia

Hey Shitcoiners,

Oh boy, is this market heating up! We have plenty of action to get through this week, and as you can imagine, bull posting has been top of the agenda for the past few days. We kick things off with a t-shirt that aged very well.

Jmo’s DMs are open. He could either be pre-poor or rich. We have some suspicions it’s the latter.

Not everyone can nail it. Here’s a tweet that did the inverse, it did not age well at all.


With Bitcoin soaring past $60,000, market participants have found themselves in a rather festive spirit. El Salvador must also be feeling pleased with some of the decisions they made.

Another man who has made giga-gains is Saylor. Here he is riding into pumptopia.

Speaking of Saylor…

Peter Schiff is back on our timelines. He thinks digital gold is now going up against real gold in the arena. We hope this is a tweet that ages really, really poorly.

If you are ready for one of the worst takes of the week, here it is. Supposedly Bitcoin is “struggling”. RIP.


Also delusional is Google Gemini. The woke brigade do not want you to be setting up a Bitcoin mining operations because of the environment. Ethereum staking is fine though.

How should you be playing this cycle? Alex Wice has emerged as your new inner voice. Just lever up and walk away.

The bull posting from Wice kept on coming.

Wice City represent.

Alex wouldn’t accept this sort of behaviour. He sold?

This is not the time to overcomplicate according to Lyn Alden. Be either side of the bell curve and you will be a-okay.

Remember when many locked up their funds in Blast? Well, those coins are about to be unlocked. Udi thinks he knows what happens next.

Speaking of BTC, some new email history has surfaced and there is plenty to take a look at! Rizzo here with the most important new findings.

One man embedded in Bitcoin history is Mandrik. It turns out he can’t stand baklava anymore. RIP.

Imagine you thought you were posting a cute, inviting tweet and it turns out you and all of your friends look like an NFT collection.

To business news now! Backpack have secured a $17M round of funding from some of the heavy hitters.

In other fundraising news, the firm that bought The Block, led the round for Su and Kyle’s new shitcoin project. This space just keeps on giving.

The Winklevii are parting ways with some money too, but they aren’t getting any future return. They have been ordered to return $1.1B in customer funds. Ouch.

Remember Bitboy? He fought in Karate Combat and took home the W.

In a fun twist, his opponent was the dev of HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu. The price tanked on the result. You can’t make this shit up.

We round this off with a couple of our favourite tweets from some industry titans. Justin Sun made a video of himself dancing. What did we just watch?

And Chun didn’t trust. He verified.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next time.