February 9, 2024

Newsletter #279 - Green Charts & Broken Blockchains

Hey Shitcoiners,

Before we get to it, check out this week’s episode of Wage Cucking with Jmo where we heard what INIT Capital are up to with their liquidity hook money market. If you are into DeFi, this is a must-watch.

To the news! Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy bought more Bitcoin and announced their Q4 2023 financial results. We love ourselves a bit of bull posting!

Saylor is an amazing shill. Here’s a snippet from the Q4 financial results video. $8.2B of Bitcoin. Nice.

In other news, Nayib Bukele, another Bitcoiner and coincidentally the President of El Salvador was re-elected.

Bears were rekt this week as Bitcoin passed the $46,000 mark. Are we finally back to up only? A man can dream.

While Bitcoin had a bullish week, Solana’s uptime was bearish. The chain went down. Here’s a song to commemorate the occasion.

While Solana's memecoin action was temporarily halted, the degens instead resorted to hurling abuse at Ansem. This space is the gift that keeps on giving.

But was the downtime bearish at all?

Some rotat-ooors will move on to greener pastures. Many will find a new home on what some refer to as “fed-chain”.

While the search for near-zero fees continues, a strong community of Ethereum users are still around. They are adding community members by the day too as anticipation for an Ether ETF reaches boiling point.

What if you could sell your Ether for $4,000? Well, you could have done that during the last bull run. You just didn’t though. Ffs.

Everyone is chasing the next airdrop and Farcaster has emerged as a new platform to get them. The decentralized social media protocol looks full of absolute trash though. RIP.

If you are dabbling in the Ethereum points acquisition race, we salute you. Those points could or could not be worth something. Who knows. Just don’t die anytime soon, there is no way that your normie family is going to know how to extract your wealth from those projects.

Blast got a mention in that last post and some users have pointed out that they are up to shenanigans. This is not a good look.

We interrupt this newsletter for an “interesting” post from an exchange account. Wat.

Are you a Walmart enjoy-ooor? Your favourite NFT merch is now on sale! Maybe one day the BAYC floor will reach $7. When we get there we may buy a few for the culture.

We round up this edition of the newsletter with some excellent charts. First up, CMS with with the spice.

And a meta look at where you think you are on the bell curve, versus where you actually might be.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next time.

Team Shitcoin.com