February 2, 2024

Newsletter #278 - Main Characters & Autism

Sup Shitcoiners,

You have questions and Jmo has answers. After the success of his first Q&A episode, he is back for round 2! Follow him on Twitter as you might get your question on an episode in the future. For now, enjoy the latest episode.

When the price isn’t dumping, it’s the optimal time for more bullposting! Arthur was back at it again this week. Does fresh monetary pow mean $1M BTC?

We hope he’s right. The last time the money printer went brrr, our bags went brrr.

Arthur is still a main character. Who are you backing this market cycle?

Mashinsky didn’t even make the list and he’s not going to help you get that 74% back. You’ll get 26% and you will be happy.

Charles Hoskinson is by some miracle, still a main character. You can still be a main character without your blockchain having a use case. It’s a wild world we live in.

Have you ever thought you had a bit of the ‘tism? Chun has the confirmation you were craving. He’s now in an illustrious group.

If you are a fan of the dark arts (i.e. squiggly lines on charts) then a bit of autism can come in handy. Strict daily routine of 24/7 in front of your monitor and you prefer to be on your own. You might have found your niche.

The real money is not in trading though. It’s in spawning memecoins. Imagine doing a 2228x in 24 hours. Stories like this are why many keep playing at the memecoin casino. Many will not be this lucky.

The eagerly awaited JUP launch happened this week and some airdrop hunters hit the jackpot.

We didn’t think the criteria for uptime was debatable. But turns out it is.

There have been multiple projects launched which required users to lock up funds for extended periods. One of those was Blast. It seems that some have regrets about ape’ing in.

On the topic of EigenLayer. People are buying and selling points now? This is a new paradigm. Points are the new tokens.

Earning points is an art form. The hoops many will jump for a number on a dashboard is quite something.

To exchange news now. OPNX have shut up shop.

And are giving their users 12 days to withdraw any funds. If you ever feel like taking 2 weeks off and going off the grid. You can’t. You may never see your money again.

This next video isn’t necessarily crypto related… or is it? Here’s a glimpse into the life of a Bored Ape holder.

We will just leave this here.


We have no idea if this book is good, but Pepe, tits and gambling? Jason knows how to pull in the degenerates.

Jason is a VC with some cycle experience under his belt. The new wave of crypto angel investors of this cycle is going to be an experience.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next time.

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