January 19, 2024

Newsletter #276 - January Blues (With Memes)

Hey Shitcoiners,

After the elation in the last quarter, some January blues seem to have set in as the ETF hype has died down. Some were hoping Wall Street would pump our bags but alas, they haven’t done that just yet. Here’s a meme to reflect the current state of affairs.

Oh, the irony of a ticker called HODL when boomers get spooked by a single-digit swing to the downside. Oof.

The Bitcoin ETFs have had a strong start. In 3 days they have collectively obliterated the volume of the 500 total ETFs launched in 2023. We’ll take it!

On the topic of ETFs, Elizabeth Warren is not your friend. She is not bullish on magic internet money.

Now there is only one question on everyone’s mind. Wen Ethereum? Jmo thinks it is coming, but there’s quite a bit of shenanigans that will play out before then. Unlocks could cause some spicy price action.

We don’t have a crystal ball. All we have is hopium. If Barry’s tweets give us anything to go by things might be about to get worse. RIP our bags.

The @satoshi account made a post. Has enough time passed that the new wave of market participants will have no idea who Craig Wright is?

That “Hello world” tweet was pretty boomer. We only want our timelines to be filled with perfect tweets like this one. Points are the new wealth.

Do you recognise the man in this next tweet? He fills our timelines every day. The Shitcoin.com team evidently needs to go outside and touch grass.

Twitter is full of unsubstantiated claims, but here’s a report with plenty of references to get your teeth into. Some of our friends at BlockchainGov shared a deep dive into the current state of on-chain governance mechanisms. It's a great read.

If that report is too right of the bell curve for you, we have a great follow up tweet to massage that smooth brain of yours. Trading memecoins isn’t rocket science. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

See Elon tweet > identify promiment/meme-worthy word > buy token > profit.

In employment news, Frank is moving out of the newsroom (i.e. his desktop) and heading off to work on special projects in the real world. He’ll probably still be at his desktop a lot.

We can’t believe The Block didn’t pick this next story up. Cat invented color theory.


Whatever this cycle brings, we are here to guide you. Now don’t be a bitch. Let’s go.

And if you get rugged. Remember, you probably deserve it.

Quick question to wrap this one up, where is Tabasco?

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next time.

Team Shitcoin.com