December 15, 2023

Newsletter #257 - Cheating, Photoshop And Degeneracy

Hey Shitcoiners,

This bear market has rekt many, but those still here are being entertained week in and week out. This edition of the newsletter is full of spicy drama, news and updates from your favourite crypto personalities. Let’s get it.

To kick things off, news began to circulate that Bitboy had been fired by… Bitboy Crypto.

But why was he fired exactly? Rumours swirled of “despicable acts” including a little adultery with the CEO of an affiliated company. Ben didn’t name who he cheated with, but confirmed he had been up to no good in a recently released video.

Here’s the video in full if you are interested.

Romano here with a hot take.

Meanwhile, Zack was quick to remind us all that this bear market has been anything but boring.

The SEC and Gary Gensler have been two of the main characters over the past few months. Gary had a bad day at the office as Grayscale won their lawsuit against the SEC.

They did have a win this week though.

Uniswap also won a case of their own. One guy wasn’t too happy about being able to trade scam tokens. It turns out the courts don’t think Uniswap are to blame if you accidentally buy garbage. You have to own your own mistakes, kids.

Launching scam tokens or selling the pico top of a surefire rugpulls isn’t the only way to make an easy few hundred thousand dollars. You could have just lied about having an alpaca farm instead!

What’s a newsletter without a little SBF? One former engineer at Alameda shared how things looked like behind the scenes. We need more!

Justin Sun has gotten through this bear market relatively unscathed so far. That doesn’t stop people from trying to make something out of nothing. We have no idea what this guy is talking about.

Speaking of Photoshop…

Jmo’s bathtub doesn’t work. This feels very fitting for a bear market.

While Jmo was trying to find someone to fix his bathtub, OnlyFans was buying ETH.

OF models and crypto nerds are a match made in heaven.

You know the bear market is bad when your favourite influencer, who once bragged of seven-figure positions, is now hunting 100x gems on Telegram.

This next tweet pretty much sums it up. tokens or $TRUMP? This is really where things are at the moment. RIP.

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