December 15, 2023

Newsletter #255 - Yikes!

Hey Shitcoiners,

Before getting stuck into this week’s newsletter, check out the latest episode of Wage Cucking With Jmo! Don’t miss it.

One topic covered on the show was how terrible our bags are looking. News circulated that SpaceX had sold, causing some to think that was one reason for the sell-off.

However, the headlines may not have been the whole truth.

Another company briefly mentioned on the show was Venus Protocol. We had some movement. The exploiter was liquidated!

If you have no idea what any of this means, here’s a great article with all of the details.

Oh, we forgot an important message we always like to include in these newsletters. Gm.

As Domino’s workers get their trades in on the job, Chinese traders are being forced to become crypto degens.

We can only pray a China pump saves us now. Trump’s $250k bag isn’t going to make a dent.

There was a point in time when SBF was basically the president of crypto. For reference, that was less than a year ago. Now he’s violating bail. RIP.

At least he’s getting some addies though!

Reuters is reporting the “stolen” funds were used for political campaigns. They forgot the part about him propping up FTT with those funds too.

Oh, the similarities…

SBF was on quite the trajectory. If he had avoided the shenanigans, polycules and pharmaceuticals, he could have been kite surfing with Arthur. Oh, what could have been?

He could have also been buying mansions for $128 million in Hong Kong!

Do you ever look around at the absolute trash you are using in crypto and think, “which 5 year old built this?” We do.

The same goes for the disgusting tokens we consider buying. HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu was an obvious buy in retrospect.

Loomdart called it.

Speaking of the latest crazes, has been filling our timelines. As expected, the copycat projects appeared and one interestingly was launched by a Uniswap employee… who pulled liquidity, which some are calling a rug.

A claim which he vehemently denies.

RIP AzFlin.

Bullish for his shares though.

Never forget.

If the janky UI is getting under your skin, it’s time to go pro.

Nani here with a hard truth.

If you are dabbling in, which is just about the only thing worth bridging to Base for, remember, don’t get duped.

We thought Zach was taking a break but this man never stops. BAYC holders cannot stop getting REKT.

BAYC holders are often called left of the bell curve. We are not sure about the intelligence of Ordinals enthusiasts, but what we do know is Vitalik will say anything to stop the laser eyes.

Queue tweet about a man synonymous with the laser eye movement.

Over in Shiba-land, Shibarium, layer two of the kind-of-popular memecoin (but always number two), launched but it didn’t go to plan.

TVs were smashed.

They must have been too full of testosterone to let another man read their smart contracts.

Speaking of lost funds, the infamous Wintermute exploiter is putting those exploited tokens to work. Why not earn some yield?

Here’s a gruesome story for you as we near the end of this week's spectacular. Being doxxed in this space isn’t for the faint-hearted.

We round this one off with a reminder of what max pain looks like. RIP our bags.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next time.