December 15, 2023

Newsletter #242 - PVP SZN

Hey Shitcoiners,

On this week’s Wage Cucking With Jmo episode, Jmo and Andreas spoke to Leslie Lamb, the CEO of OPNX! It was a spicy one. From the future of claims on-chain to the involvement of Kyle and Su in OPNX. This is worth a watch.

To the week’s action now. Welcome to PVP szn.

Those who win in PVP mode may be looking for alternative hard wallet solutions. Why? Ledger announced a controversial new feature.

As some hawk-eyed Twitter users pointed out, Ledger appeared to delete an important tweet.

Is trust broken?

Here’s a previous tweet for your perusal.

For those of you who are more musically inclined, here’s a great roundup of the situation.

There are a few things we can deduce from this next tweet from Trezor. Either their sexual preferences do not lean towards women or they feel they have too much girth.

In Bitcoin-related news, Bitcoiners have made their way to Miami for the Bitcoin 2023 conference. We are happy to confirm that Sheik Roberto is there and he will be max bidding with Udi.

One other notable attendee is Luke Dashjr. Attendees have a message for Twitter. #FreeLukeJr

For those of you in attendance looking for a way out, head over to the Plan B booth to assess your options!

Some said memecoin szn was over, but others think it might have more in the tank. Andrew Tate did a shameless 180 and is now launching a shitcoin of his own. However, Bitlord is coming for you.

Speaking of shitcoins, ben.eth has been causing quite a stir this week with the announcement of his $PSYOPS token.

The degens were out in full force, sending an insane amount of ETH to pre-sale address!

Imagine raising $7M and then trading shitcoins with the proceeds? Ngmi.

Oh wait, Ben just hadn’t bothered to set up a separate wallet. This cannot end well.

Here’s a fun image for you.

The launch of $PSYOPS did not go well for Ben. He fumbled the bag as he messed up the liquidity.

And “pre-sale investors” did not come out of this too well.

This feels like a good trade doesn’t it?

While you get rekt on PSYOPS, others are making bank on other notable shitcoins. $9.9K to $2.1M is an amazing return. Well played, sir.

The meme wins just come keep on coming!

If meme szn has gone over your head here’s a good explainer from David Attenborough.

Over at Zuzalu in Montenegro Ameen was not talking about shitcoins.

To US regulator updates next. I think we can confidently say at this point that they are not fans of our magical internet money.

The SEC want US businesses to play by their rules. The only issue is, they don’t tell you what the rules are.

Just when you start feeling sorry for Coinbase, they do something like this.

If Vsevolod Kniaziev takes any crypto bribes in the future, he strikes us as the sort of guy who would have funds sent straight to his Coinbase account. RIP.

Are you a CryptoBro, anon?

Meltem and Aubrey sent Twitter into a spin as they claimed they had found hidden cameras in their Airbnb…


We round off this week’s newsletter with a confusing tweet. We don’t know what to make of the web3/NFT references or the upside-down glasses. What the shit.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next time.