December 15, 2023

Newsletter #240 - There Ain't No Party Like A Memecoin Party

Hey Shitcoiners,

Well, this has been a wild week, hasn’t it? Before we break it all down for you, check out this week’s episode of Wage Cucking With Jmo!

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Memecoins have dominated our timelines over the past week. Leading the charge was PEPE, which somehow managed to reach a $1.5B+ market cap, around a 15x from where it started the week. The push above a billion was spearheaded by the news that they were being listed on Binance along with FLOKI.

Would you have the balls to ride this all of the way up?

Some people are just made different.

We are talking about you too, Cous.

Being a DEX ninja is a prerequisite for “making it” in these times. Raoul though… maybe he’s NGMI.

Soulja Boy has been the celebrity endorsement that no one wants as of late. He’s riding the PEPE wave like many of you. Does this mean his scamming days are behind him?

We guess this is how crypto works now.

Oh wait, it doesn’t always work like that. Sometimes they pull that rug out right from under you.

What terrible OPSEC.

Zach is having to deal with so many rugs he’s going mentally ill. Send help.

While we all know snitches get stitches, could this be tempting to the on-chain sleuths in our ranks?

While the memecoins run wild on Ethereum, Bitcoin isn’t safe either. Those NFTs and shitcoins are clogging up the network.

Maxis are not impressed. Here’s a sneak peek into their fight with enjoyooors over the definition of art.

Who’s next, nerds?

Here’s cryptograffiti seizing the moment.

And here’s Gabriel Haines shooting his shot. This is a done deal.

To politics. Robert F Kennedy Jr is a fan of our magical internet money!

Meanwhile, another Jr is pulling in one of “crypto’s finest”. Usually, we’d be calling the top at this point. Is this the top?

On the topic of FTX, Mysten Labs pulled a master manoeuvre and got an easy 10x.

Never trust a cock shamer… unless he’s buying all of your tokens and you know you might get to buy them back for cheap in the future.

We knew Ethereum was an inclusive community, but here’s Gitcoin being so inclusive that they exclude basement-dwelling devs who could never talk to a woman, never mind get one on their team.

Next up news from OPNX. It seems that Dubai regulators do not give leeway for businesses led by women.

And here’s Kyle!

Arthur wants his money by the way.

To some controversial Gainzy posts next. This is disgusting.

As are the losses that Gainzy will have experienced to get this card.

It didn’t get much better. 40 minutes later and he needed $200k ASAP.

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