December 15, 2023

Newsletter #237 - Ah! We're Upgradingggg & Other Shenanigans

Hey Shitcoiners,

We have had a bullish week but things can change in a second. In the latest newsletter we have plenty of positive news to get through, as well as some unfortunate tales we wouldn't wish on any of you. To kick things off this week we turn to Ethereum. The Shanghai upgrade was successful!

Many were torn about whether this was bullish or bearish for ETH. Would those unlocked coins lead to a sell off? In the first couple of days post-upgrade, things are looking quite healthy.

Bitcoin maximalists were in disbelief.

The market has been on quite a run over the last week. Did CZ posting himself styled in his max-bidding outfit help us on our way to glory?


With the news that the Bitcoin whitepaper is in your Mac, mainstream media have decided to run with a rebrand. This looks like they're trying to change the narrative.

Cramer loves crying about manipulated markets and narratives he knows nothing about. For those of you short out there, you should have been paying attention to the Cramer counter-trade play.

Cramer is just butthurt he can’t keep up with the chads.

Solana is also up and Matty Graham has a chef. GMI.

To Twitter! As Elon tries to turn a profit, we get wind that crypto trading is coming to a timeline near you.

What is a newsletter without a mention of this week's hacks and scams? Yearn were the latest victims.

While the Yearn hack doesn’t scream shenanigans, “mistakes made in a wallet that I controlled” does. She would have got away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling on-chain detectives.

The on-chain sleuths probably can’t save Nikolai. RIP.

Also we hope Barney is okay.

Barney looked like he learned how to do accounting from the big boys. You basically don’t do it and just put every transaction in a “Ask My Accountant” folder.

If you swap your ETH for fake BTC then we are sorry to say, there's a strong chance you are NGMI.

Imagine going 30x long from $1,430 and then you only get your collateral back. Isn’t Vela supposed to be DeCeNtRaLiZeD?

Over in centralized-exchange world, OPNX is doing their best to make us laugh at their memes and not their order books.

Arthur is on a mission to get his money. His offer to accept Bali villas or Dubai condos seems very reasonable.

Supposedly that’s not happening anytime soon though. Arthur isn’t getting his money until FLEX, priced at less than $2 right now, does an 8x.

He is coming for you Kyle and Su!

As a caveat, it’s interesting to note that Kyle seems more bothered about finding chicken testers than paying anyone back.

Tweets about Craig always put a smile on our face. Does this look legit to you?

We round this one off with some well wishes to Ledger. Get well soon ser.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next time.