November 4, 2022

Newsletter #214 - Memes, Debates & Vibrations

Yo Shitcoiners,

Welcome to your weekly dose of crypto shenanigans! The markets are looking pretty trash right now. All we have at this point is CT.

Or maybe we still have meme coins. Doing “the Hoskinson” is a definite path to the moon.

On the topic of Twitter, SBF has finally given his side of the story. Supposedly their strengths were not what was needed…

Sam was also one half of an amazing debate that took place this week. On the other side was Erik Voorhees. This was well worth a watch.

Curb your regulation, Sam.


To another Eric. Wall just hit 100k followers and told a really long story to celebrate.

He also shared an interesting website tracking MSTR’s Bitcoin investments. Forever trolling Saylor.

Cobie tried to get Eric on Up Only but he couldn’t get past the Richard Heart and PulseChain messages.

Cobie and Ledger did do an episode of their own after a bit of a hiatus. Tune in for some market insights and crypto chit-chat. It’s always a delight.

To Instagram. The social media company have launched the ability to buy NFTs directly n the app. They must be praying for another NFT bullrun. If not, this will be Coinbase NFT all over again.

It’s a known fact at this point that most projects in the space (NFTs included) are total scams. Here’s some confirmation.

Regardless of if projects are scams or not, they are still getting hacked left, right and center.

Solana’s rough few months continue. SBF will have to move his nodes somewhere else!

It’s time for some Gainzy action. Here is his breakdown of options trading.

This week saw his 2017 ICO past brought up again. One Twitter account, NFT Ethics, decided to doxx him. The best part is that he trademarked “GAINZY”.

Here is Gainzy’s response.

Speaking of loss. Here is some loss porn.

What’s a newsletter without a little CSW? Snowden and Craig had a back-and-forth. Welcome to law, Craig.

Snowden has been getting involved in more crypto conversations lately. Lmeow.

We hope you all enjoyed your Halloween. There was only one logical outfit to wear, better believe it.

That's all for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too. See you next time.