November 3, 2022

Newsletter #211 - Are The Charts Hackable Too?

Hey Shitcoiners,

Another week has passed and it’s still looking a little bleak out there. Do you remember how this all started? 

The options for apes are pretty slim right now. The only thing left to bet on is how the market will react to CPI numbers. CPI guys, please stop.


If anyone can save us from this market it’s Bitlord. This is like the “eating ass prophecy” all over again.

When we are in peak bullrun, news of hacks falls low on the newsletter. What’s $115M when the market is up 15% in a day? When we are in a bear, these numbers sting a little more.

One of the biggest contributors to that $115M was the hack of Mango Markets.

The plot thickened.

And then we saw DeFi governance in all of it’s glory!

In another closely followed story from this week, the CEO of Sushi was at the center of a horse fingering incident.

Queue the witty commentary.

It was a little complicated and there were a lot of moving parts of this one, so here’s one member of CT to break it down for you.

Are Irene’s nails brown as she has been indulging in horse fingering?

Viral marketing campaign rumours began to swirl. Big if true.

Censorship on Ethereum has been a hot topic lately. Here’s a great thread on censorship post-Merge.

Meanwhile David is suing the government!

Speaking of the legal cases, Bittrex, who have historically been overly compliant, have been fined what must be a few months of revenue.

Bear markets are often a catalyst for a change of exchange ownership. Huobi controlling shareholder Leon is out.

Word on the street is Justin is getting ready to swoop in.

SBF said he has no part in this one.

Over at Google you can now search crypto addresses! Will they start linking these to Google accounts? This could get interesting in a bad way…

Trading is too much hard work. If you are looking for a quick buck then submitting DAO funding proposals are where it’s at!

You can’t compete on the trading front anyway, Caroline is your opponent in PvP. Rekt.

The national Adderall shortage is causing many firms to go out of business, was this why Trabucco left?

We are just spitballing here, but maybe Celsius’ downfall was driven by this shortage. Their bleak position has left many financially ruined, including one “John Carvalho”.

This all came out as the list of people who lost on Celsius was turned into a website. Ouch.

Let’s brighten up this edition of the newsletter with one of the latest clips from Sheikh Roberto!

And to Bitcoin next. Here’s a thread from Gladstein.

Bitcoin fixes this.

Until it doesn’t when the network is partially halted due to a bug in LND, because of a bug in BTCD…

If you are looking for a monster read, check out this next article, possibly written by furries.

We round this one off with the definition of autism.

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