November 15, 2022

Newsletter #207 - The World Ain't All Sunshine And Rainbows

Hey Shitcoiners,

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It’s been a rough week but we are here with memes, the latest news and literally zero financial advice. At the end of the day, you don’t need it anyway, your path can be found in the colours below.

We are an indecisive bunch. Sometimes we are elated and then the price moves less than $100 and we think the world is going to end.

All eyes are on ETH and many are seeing a merge pump in sight. Will we get a flippening? As Cobie mentioned, Adam’s prediction/statement is not a flippening.

Ethereum Classic has been doing well lately. The Ethereum fork has been outperforming its larger market cap sibling.

All of the flippening talk has many wondering if ETH could one day overtake BTC. Udi here with hard truth. Oh, and he called someone a “lil shid”.

Bitcoin has been following TradFi markets, when we all thought of it as a hedge. Has that narrative broken? Cobra thinks so.

This recent dump has left our rainbow dreams in ruins. RIP.

Don’t stop believing.

Remember how Cobie predicted the Coinbase insider trading? Some think he was paid to do it by FTX...

Cobie laid it all out.

Are you buying this dip? Bitcoin Magazine think the green candles are going to blow us all away.

Crypto is complicated. Here’s a Microsoft Paint diagram of the different layers and how they work. We still don’t get it.

If you spend any time on crypto Twitter you will know that CZ is possibly the most bot’d person of all time. Here are Elon’s notifications.

Speaking of CZ, Binance made a move to end support of USDC. The sneaky part is that all balances will be converted to BUSD. Spicy!

On the topic of USDC, will that $370,000 be able to go anywhere?

Zach is always on the case but it seems he’s running out of steam. We also didn’t know he had a full-time job. What an animal.

Our biggest question is: what is that full time job?

Deploy the contracts.

Community members like Zach keep many of us safe from bad actors. They are everywhere. Unfortunately, we are gullible as fuck.

At this point we should probably buy Rug Token and embrace #ruglyf.

We are just going to leave this here.

Michael Burry says that everything is going to crash. Don’t be a simp.

Or do be a simp and click the following Twitter link.

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