Newsletter #33 (March 9th, 2019)

March 9, 2019
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Hey Shitcoiners,

This week’s newsletter has SideShift AI spice, Quadriga updates and an array of funny tweets to brighten up even the dullest of days, like this one.

The ever-developing AI has been deep-diving into the world of memes. First there was the 1 DOGE = 2 DOGE promotion.

And then the quality continued with a little homage to Virgin vs. Chad.

If you’d like train the AI then please do reply to the tweet below with “GOOD JOB” or “BAD JOB”. Oh and remember to apply to become a TEST PILOT.

Now to more news from the week. First up Samson tried to show a little humour.

And he then went on to miss the point.

On the topic of mainstream adoption, CEO of Andreas jumped into a thread on Twitter this week too.

Another week, another move in the right direction in the QuadrigaCX case. It was revealed in an EY report this week that the cold wallets were empty had funds dribbling from them for a considerable amount of time.

And then experts managed to get into the CEOs laptop. But as you could probably expect, the money had already vanished.

We never wish imprisonment on anyone. But maybe the QuadrigaCX founder had been taking on board what Charlie Shrem was saying.

You know how much we love the art of memeology art, it’s what we live for. There are two good things that have come from the hash war.

  1. We can stop tolerating the shitshow that is CSW.
  2. The memes have stepped up a notch.

Former BTC maximalist Kevin Pham has been leading that new wave of top quality banter.

Not a meme, just showing what a badass he is. Hayden Otto of CoinSpice visited Bitcoin Cash City. He paid BCH for everything and took a ride in a helicopter with some babes. Nice!

Hayden looks like a guy who dumped his SV. However, he is not the sort of bloke who would jump the gun and pick up this license plate.

On the topic of BCH, the community have sprung up with their own version of the Lightning Torch - the SLP Torch. This SLP token is the rarest token going, there’s only one.

Just yesterday Corbin of managed to get hold of it.

And then he shared it with Roger Ver.

How do you think this stacks up against #LNTrustChain?

Meanwhile the Emperor of Bitcoin has been tackling some pretty big issues. Is attitude towards hashpower set to be a vote clincher in the 2020 elections?

Oh, CSW. He is back to calling out everyone and publicly shitting on their projects. Apart from patents, we wonder if he will ever actually do anything?

It was great to see Fluffypony bite back.

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And remember now is your chance to become a SideShift AI TEST PILOT. Join the fun.

Till next time, Shitcoiners!

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