Newsletter #58 - Epstein, Rivalries & Rap Battles 🎤

September 13, 2019
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Happy Friday Shitcoiners,

Welcome to your roundup of shenanigans in crypto-land, handpicked by CEO, Andreas Brekken. This week we have Jeffrey Epstein impacting Bitcoin from the grave, Binance versus BitMEX and a meme or three. This week’s newsletter is poppin’.

To kick things we divert your attention to Shitcoin TV. This week Paul Sztorc of Drivechain and BitcoinHivemind went head-to-head with Andreas on A Game of Shitcoins. Buckle up for Bitcoin trivia, meme wars and so much more.

Now to a big story from last week involving Jeffrey Epstein. The billionaire was said to have liked Bitcoin and his funding of the MIT Digital Currencies Initiative has been causing a stir.

One of our favourite academics, Emin, shed a little light on what has been happening in recent years.

Now to lighten the mood because after all, too much chat of paedophiles can get you down. For all the crypto traders out there, how close to reality is this next tweet?

If the above sounds familiar it’s very likely you are playing over at the BitMEX casino. But we have good news. Now Binance have replicated BitMEX you can go ahead and gamble there too. Woo!

Bitcoin Cash your thing? Here are a few interesting nuggets from last week. First up we got to hear from their new CEO, Stefan Rust over on the Podcast Network.

Following the Bitcoin Cash City Conference we saw some solid talk recordings surfacing. Here's one we liked.

And also out in the last few days was Roger Ver’s Business Story series. A good watch if you’re interesting in learning how Bitcoin Jesus came to be. How he got started, prison stories and getting into Bitcoin, it’s all there.

From BCH we take you to other parts of this ever-expanding ecosystem.

It seems BTC maxi Saifedean does not like reading Vitalik’s Twitter updates. Sad times.

Meanwhile we learnt a little more about how much Lina loves Samson. A truly modern day love story. Sats included.

Now to another Bitcoin OG. Satoshi Round Table main man Bruce Fenton re-iterated that whoever you are, whatever you do, you are welcome in Bitcoin. No one can stop you.

… but we warn you, being a bitcoiner often means spending a lot of time in airports between conferences. It’s a tough gig.

But what is cool about this digital currency thing? Well it can be a real solution in places where governments and traditional finance are making a mess.

Here is one of our favourite segments of the newsletter. We take you to Luke Dashjr corner!

We wonder what Luke makes of this next piece. Ripple is getting grilled in Forbes. Is it a scam? Are Ripple pumping and dumping all over that XRP army?

As we come to the end we introduce you to what can only be described as a modern day masterpiece. The Bitcoin Rap Battle Debate.

And we’ll round this off with another piece of genius from SideShift AI (we couldn’t help ourselves).

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See you next week.


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