Newsletter #53 - Anything But "Number Go Up"

July 31, 2019
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Hey Shitcoiners,

Welcome to the Newsletter. Once again, we take you through Andreas’ highlights of the week and prove to you that "number go up" is the least interesting part of crypto.

Now to the action. One of our favourite shitpost-extraordinaires, ActualAdvice, has been taking some time out to visit Tomorrowland.

We hear that at this event in Belgium all of the kids are popping pills while listening to electronic dance music, one Twitter user expressed his concern for AABTC. He dutifully replied.

Speaking of attending events, Andreas found himself at SPOT in Hong Kong to talk exchanges.

But yikes, his cover was blown.

Now to some Maxi-banter. Pieter Wuille couldn’t help but drop a A++ pun in this Bitcoin maximalist thread.

Meanwhile the BCH maximalists were cracking jokes too. One office worker went super-meta with the whole “Bitcoin can replace fiat” thing. He turned Bitcoin Cash into fiat. He even paid homage to the benevolent dictator himself, Amaury Sechet. Spicy.

While Amaury is being featured on Bitcoin-dollars, Roger Ver is featuring in court documents. Craig Wright tried to take Roger to court for calling him a fraud. However, the English Court where he filed the claim has thrown out the case!

It's difficult to find stories that top how much we laugh at the ongoing facepalms of CSW, but this one comes close. The MGC Token decision to use the “Singer-songwriter + body part” fake name combo may have been a little shortsighted. We thought it was foolproof too.

Now to another noob who will not “be loaded up on Bitcoin and a gazillionaire” any time soon.

If you are looking for a longer read this week and still have some of your monthly Wired credits left, we suggest spending one of them on this. Read on for a great article about the founders of Backpage and their fight against the feds.

From one duo to another, who are your favourites?

If you are interested in earning a little extra pocket money this week then we urge you take up Andreas’ latest bounty!

On the topic of Blockstream (kind of, we were just speaking about Samson so this works), SideShift AI got a shoutout as L-USDt was thrust into the spotlight.

We also recommend you check out the latest SideShift AI video response to their big brother

And while you’re doing that, if you are looking to pick up some SPICE following the CoinEx announcement you can do so via SideShift AI. Get yours now!

If you don’t have a SideShift AI ACCESS CODE click here, follow the instructions and get shifty.

Now to John McAfee. After a brief stint in a Dominican jail last week, John made his move and headed to Europe, first stop London.

Many were puzzled. Was London a safe spot for John? Was he in reach of the US? He quickly made another switch to this tinfoil filled bunker in Lithuania. It looks legit.

In an easy segue we take you to another part of Eastern Europe where one crypto exchange co-founder was found dead this week. Yikes.

But could we end a newsletter on such a low? No!

Peter Schiff is known for his anti-Bitcoin stance and he would provide us with a chuckle this week. Alas, this is a parody account, but we suspect Peter would actually mail the gold rather than use Bitcoin. It's never too late to change your mind Peter.

To stay in the loop on all the things you need to know, follow Andreas on Twitter. And remember now is your chance to apply for a SideShift AI ACCESS CODE. Join the fun.

See you next week.


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