Newsletter #51 - There's Bitcoin and then there's Shitcoin

July 19, 2019
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Hey Shitcoiners,

This week’s newsletter is action packed. We had the current President of the United States talk about Bitcoin and the people down in Congress shilling “Shitcoin(s)”, what a time to be alive.

Oh, and Tone taking the bus down to Prague Airport. Someone should share an Uber referral code with this guy!

But anyway, back to the biggest news of the week. Congress pulled in the Libra team for a grilling in DC, reviewed cryptocurrencies and sent crypto-Twitter into a headspin. There were some amazing soundbites.

There were also intriguing revelations following Libra’s day at the hearing.

And then the biggest moment of history to date. Shitcoins got their moment on the world stage.

We would love to get Warren Davidson on Shitcoin TV! Like and retweet the post below and make that a reality.

We experienced a surge in traffic!

Even Ari thought it was time to start using “Shitcoin” publicly.

But be warned Ari, our legal team will be after you if you are caught using the term ‘Shitcoin’. They have a truly global reach, almost as great as CSW. Watch out.

Earlier this week in what seems like old news now, Trump was talking about Bitcoin too. Does this mean we’ve made it?

Crypto-Twitter responded in the only way it knows how.

Our favourite Presidential candidate John McAfee highlighted an interesting rebuttal to Trump’s wild drug trade claim. Spicy. Or milky? John seems to suggest drugs can be purchased with Soy Milk these days. Our lactose-intolerant readers like to meet your dealer.

With all of the chit chat, the market also pumped. Whether the former caused the latter will never be known.

But then Bitcoin did a Bitcoin and went down 30%. Nouriel deployed another shitpost that is bound to win him some more speaking gigs in 2019. No really, it will.

With all this regulatory talk ongoing, last week a little perspective into the bank’s opinion of Bitcoin popped up.

What a spicy time to be alive! That is enough of the government talk. Those people reduce our scoville level significantly. Now to a newsletter staple. Let’s deep dive into CSW’s companies!

And also cast some light on Calvin’s weird prediction. Likening Craig Wright to one of the great cryptographers in history… what is this guy on?

Now to some other blunders. First we had $5bn worth of Tether printed. Get the Bogdanoff twins on the line.

And one Indian exchange did an oopsie, paying a ridiculous amount in XRP fees.

Now to the world of Spice, CoinSpice. This week they launched CoinSpice Live and their first interview with Vitalik!

Also in other spicy updates, our friends over at CoinFLEX have just launched their first IFO.

To end this one we take you to some memes.

And that's it.

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See you next time,


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