Newsletter #48 - Bitcoin is Back, Baby!

June 27, 2019
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Hey Shitcoiners,

Welcome to the newsletter that packs almost as much punch as John Carvalho’s Tweetstorms.

This week we have Jeffrey Tucker talking about lost friends, several photo opportunities with Adam Back and did we forget to mention that every time we checked CoinMarketCap, BTC had risen another COUPLE OF THOUSAND DOLLARS?

Sorry, those caps were very out of character.

The head of crypto’s favourite casino also used capitals in one of his latest tweets. We are in good company.

It all started a few days back as Bitcoin slowly crept up to $10k.

And then things went parabolic. For some, it was all too much.

For others, it wasn’t enough.

Are you proud of yourself for not selling during the bear market? Are you ready to treat yourself to some fresh threads and spicy garms but don’t want to use dirty fiat?

Check out this list of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash accepting merchants, just released by BitPay!

Speaking of Bitcoin Cash, SideShift AI were featured in a new video that mentioned CashShuffle!

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Now to the news everyone was talking about before Bitcoin gains took over, Libra. In a strange turn of events Libra has come under a bit of heat from the authorities. While many assumed they would be running into this endeavour hand-in-hand with their friends down at The White House, it appears they have not.

Regardless of how this thing plays out there is one formality in all of this. One man will say it was all his idea.

Poor Zucks, he’s just trying to be down with the kids.

Rather than taking an “us vs them” approach, Ameen pointed out that working with Libra may be a great move. He even cited that Facebucks could have a positive global effect.

John chose to shitpost about Ethereum amidst Ameen’s claims.

He also let us all know this week how little sleep he’s been getting!

One man who does believe in Ethereum is Captain Kirk. He spoke more this week about his plans for rolling out crypto-collectibles utilising it.

He also mentioned Agent V.

Back to the Bitcoin goodness. The Bitcoin 2019 Conference kicked off this week. We heard a bunch of “influencers” were travelling to San Francisco together. One even read the whitepaper!

When they arrived, they probably saw Adam Back enjoying multiple photo opportunities. The first with Lyn Ulbricht.

Then he went on to meet Satoshi himself… sorry Craig, not you.

Speaking of Dorian, if you have been around long enough you will know he was turned into an icon by Newsweek and immortalised in Bitcoin history.

We heard Charlie Shrem was at Bitcoin 2019 too. But we were more interested in his sandal game pre-conference.

We suspect that Jeffrey Tucker wasn’t heading to SF this week. Why? Well he has become more vocal about the unfortunate fact he has lost a lot of friends in the scaling debate. A sad state of affairs.

Now to the fun. One of the best parts of the internet is when people get called out for plagiarism.

And to round this one up, we leave you with your soundtrack for the rest of the week.

And there we have it.

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See you next time,


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