Newsletter #47 - Libra Say What?

June 20, 2019
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Hi there Shitcoiners,

This week we talk $LIBRA, Satoshi and we revisit Luke Dashjr corner! Welcome to the newsletter where you get to see all of Andreas’ juicy bits from the last week.

No, this isn’t some weird sort of peepshow, it’s a blast of great content. Shame on you.

In case you missed it we had a weekend pampity-pamp.

Oh, and then SideShift AI did a thing. Reddit reacted. As did everyone else.

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One man who certainly approves of Andreas’ latest escapades is John Carvalho. Here's a rare retweet for you.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you might have heard about Facebook’s upcoming foray into the cryptocurrency space with Libra. Word on the grapevine is it was all a last minute scramble.

Crypto-aficionados have been sharing their analysis and it has definitely been spicy.

Legend has it CEO Andreas Brekken is behind the meme that Libra is a gateway drug.

Hopefully Libra will come through on more of its promises than those pesky ICOs.

Now if you haven’t been lol’ing your way through this one then we urge you to check out the following clip of “Satoshi” himself fluffing his lines.

When he’s not on stage, Craig is also busy making court appearances in Florida where he has been ordered to provide a list of trustees.

Now to other important crypto news from Binance. Firstly, they announced this week that they have given their US customers 90 days before they’re locked out.

Secondly, some of that stolen crypto is on the move!

Oh, and a quick mention for another of Asia’s big hitters. Bitmain were featured in a recent episode of Humans of Bitcoin. A really great listen with a friend of, Nishant Sharma.

Next up we are heading back to Luke Dashjr corner! We haven’t visited here in a while. This man doesn't disappoint. Here is Luke with some amazing commentary on two Mike In Space tweets. Both exceptional for differing reasons.

We wrap this one up with some Dragon Ball goodness. Samson managed to pull in the actual voice of Vegeta for a little Bitcoin fun!

And there we have it.

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