Newsletter #46 - Religious Experiences & a Lamborghini Boombox

June 13, 2019
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Hi there Shitcoiners,

In a week where ATMs were barfing up fiat in disgust the world of crypto was as spicy as ever. We had religious experiences from the BSV camp, Arthur reviewing Lambo boomboxes and talk of a Tron review.

What a time to be alive.

Especially when your rebuttal to your girlfriends dad flexxin’ is leaving your blockfolio open. Spicy!

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Now to the juice. Ryan X Charles was on fire this week, dropping bombs all week long. The first of his below.

Roger Ver responded.

Ryan also put out a video talking of his religious experience in Toronto at the latest CoinGeek conference. Crypto-Twitter, as expected, was not kind.

Meanwhile @CryptoCobain was zooming out, thinking big picture and making us ponder his wild claims.

Andreas was also seeking deeper meaning to all of the shenanigans.

One man who definitely does not share Ryan’s view that CSW is Jesus, nevermind Satoshi is Peter McCormack. Peter outlined a thought-provoking response to those who think The Silk Road did more harm than good.

Now to Arthur Hayes. This week his Twitter feed was profound.

Cobie single-handedly added another 0 to Arthur’s bank balance by giving up his trading secrets. It feels so good to be in the know!

On the topic of crypto platforms, Polo have had an interesting week. They lost $14m, lumped the bill on BTC lenders and said they’ll make everyone whole… someday. DAC (Director of Autistic Communications) Bryan Micon with the lowdown.

Many of you will have found this newsletter thanks to the delightful Reviews Andreas has put together in the past.

It appears the head honcho is ready to write once again. Up next? Tron.

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In other news this week, John McAfee has been dropping Tweet bombs. We strongly recommend a visit to his account to read through all of his announcements. Here are a few of the highlights so far.

We are sure John would approve of another thing Andreas did this week, “Tank Man” is now forever on the blockchain.

Now we round this one up with a few Reddit shits and giggles.

And there we have it.

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See you next time,


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