Newsletter #45 - Satoshi, Blockstream & a chikun

June 6, 2019
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Hey there Shitcoiners,

Before we start swimming through the cesspool that is crypto-Twitter, Reddit and a few places in between, we have some housekeeping.

  1. Wondering why the newsletter has moved to mid-week? Well, Blake likes to drink wine while he puts together this newsletter of Andreas’ favourite crypto moments. He fancied a mid-week tipple, hence the day change.
  2. Here’s a plug from us.

Did you catch the latest episode of Shitcoin TV? It was a cracker. Andreas and Blake sat down with Sergej Kotliar and John Carvalho from Bitrefill.

Interested in watching the full interview instead? Here it is.

Now let’s dip our toes in that cesspool! First up, big news this week. Justin Sun bid a few million dollars to have lunch with Warren Buffet. He won. Now Warren Buffet has to spend a lunchtime being shilled TRX and BTT.

Another big story of this week - the chikun is back.

Actual Advice needed $8k to come back into the mix. Our saviour who ate the ass was asking for $9k. It came so close. As did he on that encounter with Brenna Sparks (wahay!).

Hi Brenna!

Now to Satoshi. After Craig filed a copyright claim a week or so ago, it seems someone else has put themselves in the mix too.

We hope this guy is prepared, CSW is coming!

One man standing up to Mr. Bullypants over there is Peter McCormack.

An interesting theory came out this week too, suggesting “criminal mastermind” Paul Salotshi is Satoshi.

While Satoshi theories rage on, so does the BTC drama. Spicy!

The community reacted.

Meanwhile, thanks to John’s Bitrefill, the first 1 BTC Lightning Channel is live.

A community who really do not give a shit about LN are the BCH crowd. They’re busy celebrating privacy via CashShuffle and a new Electron Cash release.

Did you know you can shuffle for free on SideShift AI? Shuffle now!

If you need an ACCESS CODE, fill out the application and write “” in the secret code field. You’ll get guaranteed access.

Now to a little philosophical chit chat.

Mike lost some followers for mingling with the BSV crowd.

Would Dr. Peter McCormack lose the same?

Meanwhile over on Bitfinex…

Another community with some interesting characters, projects and meme-worthy-stories is Ethereum.

One guy just paid $100,000 to acquire a virtual car on an unreleased game.

Another created an Ethereum-connected punching bag.

Nevertheless, they must be doing something right. Isn’t plagiarism the highest form of flattery?

Oh, and to wrap this one up we will just leave this here…

Meanwhile is other spicy news, Craig Wright has been copyrighting Bitcoin.

And that's it this week.

To stay in the loop on all the things you need to know, follow Andreas on Twitter. And remember now is your chance to apply for a SideShift AI ACCESS CODE. Join the fun.

See you next week,


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