Newsletter #44 (May 25th, 2019)

May 25, 2019
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Hello Shitcoiners!

Another week, a shitload more controversy. We had more market action, Craig Wright filing copyright claims and Roger Ver shopping in Slovenia.

What’s not to love?

Before we step into the action we have a special announcement from SideShift AI. The coin swap has now upgraded to V0.2!

Read all about it below.

We kick things off with the memory of a big day in Bitcoin history. Eight years ago, on May 22, 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz purchased two large Papa John’s pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins, worth about $30 at the time. It’s widely believed to be the first purchase of a product with bitcoin and those Bitcoins would now be worth over $80,000,000.

Anderson Cooper pulled Laszlo onto 60 minutes to discuss the monumental occasion. He can also be seen here in a bunny suit.

Laszlo always says he doesn’t care too much about missing out on those gains but with the current trajectory he may sometimes think, "what if I didn't eat that fucking pizza?".

Maybe we can all start talking to girls soon? head honcho Andreas is hopeful.

We also wonder whether @pkrockin is still hodling onto his life savings that he plunged into Bitcoin back in 2011.

Meanwhile is other spicy news, Craig Wright has been copyrighting Bitcoin.

However, the US government quickly backpeddled in possibly the fastest response from any government, ever.

As Peter McCormack heads to court to go face-to-face with CSW, it appears the timing of this copyright approval is rather well timed.

Our favourite Monero guy, Fluffypony highlighted how Craig made it illegal to run Bitcoin SV testnet. Yikes.

Oh, Craig.

Now to the Bitcoin maximalists. Oh joy. Giacomo “maxi-police” Zucco was out in full force last week as he lined up his latest victim, set to be given the boot from maxi-utopia.

In a less threatening thread, Giacomo also started a chain.

One other BTC fan, John Carvalho, pushed out a new op ed for Bitcoin Magazine about how Bitcoin is here to create a circular economy. An interesting read from John!

John also thinks that Amene’s Spank shit stinks.

Now to the Bitcoin Cash action. In a week where some BCH fans were drinking under a bridge in Ljubljana, Roger Ver was caught shopping in the Slovenian capital.

It seems the Bitcoin big hitters love a bit of world travel. Arthur Hayes is set to venture over to London. Don’t be a chump. Join him and maybe you’ll get to party with him at The Box.

Away from the world of crypto (kind of), the Game of Thrones finale was the other huge news of the week. Crypto Twitter has been getting spicy as a result.

Cobie came in with the heat.

And Bruce Fenton turned into an absolute melt.

The CEO, Andreas, used to be a Kraken employee. He tells tales at Shitcoin HQ of those who took their salaries in Bitcoin back in the early days. The San Francisco based exchange have not slowed down either. They now pay over 250 per month in crypto.

Oh, and if this is anything to go by they have a pretty bad retention problem.

Now to the funny news to wrap this bad boy up.

What’s a newsletter without John McAfee. The Bitcoin OG has been speaking of his allergies.

We wonder if John is reluctant to bang anyone who enjoys the delights of XRP?

Now enough of the lewd vocabulary. There are child criminals about!

And that's it this week.

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See you next week,


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