Newsletter #43 (May 19th, 2019)

May 10, 2019
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Hello Shitcoiners,

Welcome to another edition of the spiciest newsletter in the world (we never exaggerate). This week we have news of the return of the bull, NYC conference galore and a meme or three.

What’s not to like? Let’s get this meme-train rolling.

But before we dive in. SideShift AI had a development of significance over the past week as it became the first service to implement CashShuffle for Bitcoin Cash.

Now we can’t say for sure if SideShift AI developments prompted this run or not, we can only hypothesise. All we know for sure is the bull is back.

This week saw the whole crypto market drive upwards considerably. Bitcoin at $8,000, Ethereum at $250 and Bitcoin Cash topping $400. Hot tamale!

With things looking greener than they have been for a while, Romano has been sharing what he will spending his gains on.

Andreas was thinking a little more long term taking things one step at a time.

And as Bitcoin hit that big $8k Jeff Garzik took us back to a key milestone in the history books.

As crypto pamped, more good news came in of a partnership between Gemini and Flexa to bring crypto payments to more retailers in one fell swoop. Users will now be able to spend over 15 cryptocurrencies at participating retailers using the SPEDN mobile app.

Which as you can derive from this next bit of comedy gold, includes Starbucks.

Do you like the look of Flexa’s offering? Will the custodial aspect put you off (we hear Gemini holds all funds)?

Off the back of a tough few weeks for Bitfinex they are putting on a brave face and speaking out of a $1bn private sale. Maybe should do a private token sale? We could do at least double that with our network of day trading gods and Bitcoin OGs.

Meanwhile one user was getting a little excited about future prices… or pressed the wrong key.

While the markets were booming, the who’s who of the crypto world migrated to New York for Blockchain Week.

Several newsletter favourites were there and got their hands on the elusive chain.

In addition to big hitters wearing swag, there were several other fun moments too.

In addition to a few treasures in attendance.

Of course there was a little CSW banter.

There were even a few sleepovers.

Oh and the CFTC was in attendance with a pop-up “Whistleblower Office” so you can snitch on the next Bitconnect.

Meanwhile Peter Todd caught a snap of one security conscious Monero party attendee. Are those Chanel gloves?

If anyone is struggling like Jimmy post-MCC then take this moment to heed the advice of Wayne.

And not to put a dampener on any spirits (we’re sure Blockchain Week was great), keep this in mind.

One man who loves a bit of self promotion is Justin Sun. The Tron CEO posted to his Twitter about a new promotional competition! Shock horror.

This is kind of weird and likely to be one sided as Brotalik was not attending. Awkward.

Something about Tron just doesn’t add up. Case and point below.

Now to a little more funny. Introducing Binance for Children’s latest ambassador Jihan, here to give you his own rendition of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5.

And to round this off we move to a little John McAfee who has released his latest, possibly most well researched “If My Life Was a Movie”.

And that's all from us!

To stay in the loop on all the things you need to know, follow Andreas on Twitter. And remember now is your chance to become a SideShift AI TEST PILOT. Join the fun.

See you next week!

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