Newsletter #41 (May 4th, 2019)

May 4, 2019
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Hey Shitcoiners,

If you have been acquiring more Bitcoin, happy Saturday! Today is a good day.

What makes your weekend even better? Is it Lopp testing every metal storage solution on the market?

Or is it your weekly dose of goodness where we recap all the best bits from the last week? Yes!

Before we dive in we would like to highlight an observation.

The crossover between Game of Thrones and Crypto-Twitter hasn’t been as intense as expected. Is it really an attention toss up between Tether and GoT?

Mike In Space votes Tether. More on that later.

Did you know privacy coins can be shifted easily on SideShift AI? Even Zooko is into it. Apply to become a TEST PILOT today.

We are all about good content at and the interview below is a cracker. If you’re looking to touch up your r/Bitcoin Reddit history knowledge, hear about Jason King’s story as he spoke with Matt Aaron. A great listen.

In a week when a cryptic miner named ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ was making waves on BCH, Roger Ver found himself in London and reached out to the community to pull together an impromptu meetup.

Little did he know that Craig Wright would be sending his lawyers over to serve him some papers. Sneaky move, Craig.

However, Roger’s previous message to CSW was very applicable once again.

Craig has been stealing Lightning’s 18 month tagline with a little less specificity. Peter McCormack, who Craig is taking to court too, shared a pretty wild interview Craig put out.

We begrudge giving more limelight to Craig than we already do, but this stuff is just so hot right now that we can’t not share it.

Ryan X. Charles, who left the BCH camp to contribute towards BSV, isn’t trying to be funny with the next tweet but we couldn’t help but chuckle.

Some say Craig is living in denial. He actually seems to think he invented Bitcoin. His Medium is more than enough proof that this is what he believes.

Is the latest stint of appearances a result of the mass BSV listing going on?

Despite the constant noise there is one developer who has been undoubtably shipping on BSV, @_unwriter. He/her/they (what have we become) is producing new products on an almost daily basis. Unwriter is even allowing Steven to show off his quiche.

Enough BSV, now we bring you more spice. There are so many levels of shenanigans to this next story it’s unreal.

In a fresh twist ex-NFL owner Reginald Fowler is said to be involved with the Bitfinex scandal.

Brian Armstrong couldn’t help but turn the fiasco into a shill opportunity.

Samson responded with his thoughts on Tether.

And he has just added a new hat to his growing collection! Introducing the Blockstream Spy, the perfect way to go under the radar and gather intel from your big blocker associates (not friends, you cannot fraternise with the enemy).

All this talk of Satoshi, Tether and hats lately means we have neglected the thing that has been driving crypto forward (/sarcasm). Partnerships!

In a not-so-shocking announcement IOTA have moved on from Bosch and are now partnering with Jaguar Land Rover.

We haven’t talked about Ethereum much in this newsletter but is Elon holding bags?

Are Vitalik and Elon hanging out?

So many questions, so few answers thus far.

In a story that would interest Elon and Vitalik, one developer, Bernard Fabrot, has solved an MIT puzzle that has been a mystery for 20 years!

Okay, a newsletter is not a thing without a series of hilarious tweets, articles and memes to round it off.

Meanwhile the Los Angeles ballet is suing a blockchain company who set them up with worthless tokens. What a time to be alive.

And that's all from us!

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See you next week,


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