Newsletter #40 (April 28th, 2019)

April 28, 2019
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Hi Shitcoiners,

The last week in the world of crypto did not disappoint. It never does. We had tennis stars investing in Bitcoin, GMax slip ups and a market crash with a certain stablecoin at the center of it all.

So where should we start? With the biggest story of the week.

News surfaced that the New York Office of the Attorney General are taking a closer look at Bitfinex with mentions of an $850m fraud. On the back of this news the cryptocurrency market dropped by several percent.

People were pissed.

What did some of our favourite personalities and accounts have to say about it?

Something smells a little fishy. One tweeter also thought he’d spotted an interesting correlation. Yikes.

Are the moon days behind us? If only we could afford a Ford like this guy. Such cool, much wow.

While everyone is freaking out about Tether, Bitfinex and regulators (facepalm), what were we up to at Showing off our international dance troupe.

Stay tuned for news of how you could get your hands on one of our limited edition tees.

As Tether took the headlines and $850m was brought into question, many were totally ignoring the fact that Ripple is printing money.

Another bit of big news this week was One Meg Greg doing an oopsie. The former Blockstream CTO, Gregory Maxwell, was caught out as he was shown to be having conversations with himself.

Peter responded.

While Peter brings has been delivering Twitter gold and killer podcast numbers as of late, one of his arch nemeses, CSW has been named the most influential Australian in blockchain. What an accolade!

This award came to light as Jameson Lopp released some initial findings of his investigation into Craig Wright.

He showed that through timestamps of posts and code commits that Satoshi would likely live on in North America or the West coast of South America. Craig Wright’s posts fit pretty well with the narrative he was in Australia.

Again, Peter responded.

Craig’s biggest fan Calvin is calling out anyone and everyone who goes against him. Last week he made claims that Roger Ver owned CZ. He’s developed an “interesting narrative” to say the least.

Enough negativity. One of our favourite Bitcoiners, Daniel Krawisz, is building a wallet!

And he’s also releasing super cool imagery that explains Bitcoin… and maybe human life itself.

Meanwhile Samson has been trolling. To ensure his attendees can actually buy things at the Magical Crypto Conference he’s ensured they have a credit card reader handy. Good hustle Samson.

And he’s also been a little firey by calling out John McAfee.

We tend to think that John actually has other things on his mind anyway. Case and point below.

Now to a few tweets from favourite personalities of ours at, first we take you to Luke Dashjr corner.

Luke has some thoughts Bitcoin exchange security.

He also got a little philosophical.

While Luke broke down AI, Paul was doing a little AI deconstruction of his own.

Our head honcho here at has some thoughts on this Telsa breakdown.

Now is the part of the newsletter where we show you some cool stuff and wrap this bad boy up.

Have you ever wondered what Silk Road looked like a few weeks after it opened? If you’re ready to see some of the priciest OG Kush (by today’s prices) you’ll ever see, give the next link a click.

And the Director of Autistic Communications has been flexxin’.

And that's all from us!

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See you next week,


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