Newsletter #39 (April 19th, 2019)

April 19, 2019
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Hey Shitcoiners,

It may be the weekend that your boy JC came back from the dead, but we are instead focusing on the "resurrection" of another historical figure.

Where Satoshi at?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last week you will have seen a whole lot of BitcoinSV commotion. Craig, Calvin, CZ and many more all speak up in this week's newsletter.

Oh boy, this has been one supa hot fire few days of shenanigans!

So let us begin. Where did this all start?

Well, that would be with one gambling tycoon and his fixation on suing every single person who called Craig Wright out.

Yep, that's right, Calvin went as far as to sue the Ethereum Mac Daddy himself, Vitalik Buterin.

It all appeared to be going swimmingly for old Cal. He had even milked an apology out of one lesser known crypto media company.

But little did Calvin know, shit was about to get spicy. He called it himself, this thing was about to get “fun”.

The King of Bedford, Peter McCormack, hit back with an exceptional piece of legal-technobabble.

Some thought this was spicy enough. However, a heat wave was about to hit and crypto Twitter might as well have been on a strict diet of Carolina Reapers.

Enter CZ.

The Binance move then ignited the flame. Kraken put the de-listing proposition to their audience which came back with a overwhelming decision. pulled the plug on BSV too.

One of the Winklevii jumped into the mix and proclaimed that Gemini didn’t even list it in the first place. Ooo, burn.

The sentiment against Calvin Ayre was strong. So much so that eggsassination markets were coming to fruition.

Dominos were falling. Empires crumbling and eggs were being prepared.

But SideShift AI was unable to process the NPC group-think. It did what any good AI should do. It doubled down.

Twitter users acknowledged this move and prompted others to become a test pilot of the new coin swap.

Emin stepped in to ask the important question as always.

We would not be the balanced media outlet that we are if we did not share how some of our favourite BSV supporters responded.

The Emperor of Bitcoin gave his two cents.

Meanwhile nChain Lead Developer, Steve Shadders thought this was all done and dusted.

Was he right? Nope.

By this point we’ve had Calvin throwing around legal threats, exchanges de-listing BSV all over the shop. How else could this get funnier?

Is that you John McAfee?

While sat on his campaign boat John has begun proceedings in four different countries against Calvin. Genius!

Samson and his Blockstream pals meanwhile are taking on a less time consuming approach.

Roger Ver gave what is probably one of the most hilarious rebuttals in a while, a must watch.

But what is all of this really about? It’s about Satoshi.

If Craig Wright really was the man himself, then he’d simply have to do one thing, which he has failed to do thus far.

McAfee voiced an opinion that he strongly believes CSW is not the guy (or girl) that we are looking for.

In the words of John McAfee, “Enough is enough!”. We are almost certain you have had your fair dose of BSV drama today. Now to a few other important issues to round this one off.

Does the following suggest CZ does not get to enjoy the delights that are McNuggets?

Are there such things as “Good Fucks” in the animal kingdom?

And that's a wrap!

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Till next time,


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