Newsletter #38 (April 13th, 2019)

April 13, 2019
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Hello Shitcoiners,

It feels like the world of crypto has been given several lines of the white stuff in the last week. The spice is flowing, Craig Wright is suing everyone and Vitalik is rapping. Strange times, strange times.

One of the biggest normie stories of the week was the first ever images of a black hole. Many anomalies have thus been explained.

It’s also pretty great to see that MIT scientists have finally been able to sync their Ethereum node. Boy, did that take a while!

In other equally prominent news, the Director of Autistic Communications shared an important message in the wake of last week’s newsletter.

Oh and Daniel Krawisz shared some insights into that YouTube video.

Now we move onto what has swiftly become one of the most intriguing stories of the week. Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre are known fans of the law.

Their new strategy? Target anyone who has publicly stated that Craig is a fraud.

In a hilarious rebuttal, a large portion of Crypto-Twitter changed their names in support of Hodlonaut.

A fund has subsequently been setup to support the legal battle against Hodlonaut.

As the letters go out, Peter McCormack shared the email and letter he received. An interesting read...

In light of Julian Assange’s illegal detainment by the UK establishment one Twitter user told it how it is. You have a few choices.

Just as prominent figures around the world have spoken out against those who think locking up Julian Assange is the right move, crypto big-hitter CZ is standing up for what he believes in too.

Craig is wrapped up in another lawsuit too that many may find interesting.

Moving away from CSW chat (well, not really), Samson told the people what they wanted to hear.

Now to McAfee. When you’re on the run from the government and as outspoken as he is. Life is full of hazards as the following tweets show.

You could consider this newsletter dark so far. It’s full of lawsuits, threats of violence and FluffyPony. Never fear though, now we have some memes to brighten you up as the weekend hits.

First up there is a new media outlet in town. CoinJazeera is smashing out hit piece after hit piece.

Meanwhile cold storage is coming in so many new shapes and forms. Didn’t IOTA have a Bosch partnership at one point?

The hippest Cornell professor around, Emin, is now moving out of academia and into the world of K-pop.

What is a newsletter without some Brenna Sparks? One minute she’s talking about her ass getting bigger, the next she’s onto poop-coin calculators. We love this woman.

Meanwhile Paul Sztorc has been sharing musings about why he prefers alcohol over weed. This all just looks like a cover if you ask us, Paul just likes to get wasted.

And Mike In Space is philosophising how blockchain can solve all of Brexit’s problems!

In a fun development Elephant Grass has sprung up. It's is an open source Gmail script that requests Bitcoin payments from unknown email senders and has had some contributions from Jesse Powell.

Meanwhile Luke Dashjr’s son is aspiring to follow in his Daddy’s footsteps and become a Bitcoin developer. Praise the Lord!

Now to the news from the other side of the crypto pond. CashShuffle is alive and kicking thanks to several businesses and individuals who donated.

Who is in the mix? That’s right, SideShift AI!

The BCH meme game is strong. We couldn't help but laugh at this one.

But the BTC rebuttal game is also not too shabby either. So many memes, they really do tickle our fancy.

We aren’t sure if Charlie got the hookup but maybe one of our lovely readers is a member of Magic Castle and can help Charlie see a magic show?

Vitalik is also producing his own strain of magic.

Now to wrap this one up we leave you with a conundrum. Is it wise to spend some of your Bitcoin on an engagement ring like this guy?

Or are you going to keep those bag stacked so you can ride the incoming Bogdanoff rocketship?

The choice is yours.

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Till next time,


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