Newsletter #37 (April 6th, 2019)

April 6, 2019
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Yo Shitcoiners,

It felt fitting to start this newsletter with a ‘Yo’ as the mood lightens in the world of crypto. Some of you are shouting the bear market is over. Some of you are not. Whatever is happening, how good is it to see some green dildos?

The biggest mover has been Bitcoin Cash. Crypto-Twitter erupted as the gains continued for the Bitcoin fork.

During this eventful time, Director of Autistic Communications, Bryan Micon has been wanting to know more about those who are buying LTC right now.

Did have something to do with the green? Or was it the avocados?

Regardless of how you think this happened, one thing’s for sure, that BTC Mempool is looking a little busy right now.

There is however, one man who is always having a good time, whatever the weather. That man is BitMEX head honcho, Arthur Hayes.

Also smiling right now must be the ad team at CoinMarketCap who have probably 10x’d their sales as their traffic skyrockets. Who's ready for shitty ICO ads galore?

Meanwhile SideShift AI has been causing a stir. Something strange is going on with it and the Lightning Network.

Peter McCormack’s eagerly awaited Lightning Month has also kicked off! It will be interesting to see where he goes in this deep-dive into LN. We hear there are some controversial interviews coming up.

In the West it’s easy to view China as a minefield for businesses. In fact, some on Crypto-Twitter are pointing out that it’s quite the opposite.

Regardless, Coinbase are still here to help you get around Chinese capital controls of you’re that way inclined!

Elon Musk, you may have just outdone yourself.

In a Twitter move to last the test of time, Elon endorsed Dogecoin, possibly causing an insane run. Did Musk inadvertently cause this latest run?


Jackson Palmer decided he wanted us all to know he know he owns the Dogecoin domain.

And in the latest of John McAfee’s “If My Life Was a Movie” awards, Elon got his own special poster. The man’s going to the moon, literally and figuratively.

Now to SpankChain, they really outdid themselves with this April Fools hit.

For more on SpankChain, check out their episode on What Bitcoin Did. It was a cracker and offered a great overview of how crypto can help sex workers.

Jesse Powell is not one for messing around. As Kraken continues to grow he continues to call out any BS he sees.

Another crypto CEO is also getting his voice out there. Brian Armstrong did a live AMA. An interesting watch if you want to learn more about what Coinbase are up to.

As this was in a longer format, it allowed for a candid look at what’s going on. No slick (often NPC) Coinbase marketing for once.

Meanwhile, Vitalik is now an advisor to the highest market cap ever! You can read more about PTK here and how it came about at Deconomy last year.

Every week we bring you the best of Luke Dashjr, and this week is no exception. Luke was telling the world about how he got scammed by HitBTC.
He called them out and then received his funds. Go Luke!

He also offered some commentary on the weird Twitter posts coming out of the SquareCrypto account.

Now to BSV drama. There is always BSV drama. This week Craig started filing lawsuits against everyone that called him out.

April Fools day was easy pickings for anyone who wanted to poke Craig some more.

Speaking of possible scams (we say possible because we don’t want Craig to sue us), Cardano is not finishing it’s product because that may leave their market cap totally rekt.

Also, Justin Sun is showing his scammy colours too. Oh, Justin.

This week we leave you with a cause that we think you should all be aware of. Let’s #FreeRoss.

To stay in the loop on all the things you need to know, follow Andreas on Twitter.

And remember now is your chance to become a SideShift AI TEST PILOT. Join the fun.

Till next time, Shitcoiners!

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