Newsletter #36 (March 30th, 2019)

March 30, 2019
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Hey Shitcoiners,

This week is jam packed with all of your favourite shitposters, personalities and the former Enron CEO looking to move into blockchain. If you’re looking for content that gets you aroused as much as whales excite McAfee, you are in the right place (more on that later).

Before we jump in, did you see there's a new Shitcoin TV episode? This week we sat down with Zane Tackett to discuss the latest news.

Now to the news itself. We first turn our attention to some industry findings. What do some see the broader cryptocurrency space looking like right now?

It is unclear at this point if Chris DeRose is truly feeling despondent or continuing the satire. We are confident it’s the latter but you never know.

Another spicy individual we love at is our whale fucking friend, John. As always he delivers. Following news of McAfee and Skycoin parting ways due to the whale copulation, he responded.

He went on to show his disapproval of Johnny Depp stepping down as him in the upcoming “King of the Jungle” movie and instead being replaced by… Michael Keaton.

Continuing the cinematic theme John helped bring to life what it would be like if other crypto personalities had their own movies too.

Oh, and he also had Pomp on a boat… with guns.

Now to news of QaudrigaCX. What’s the latest?

You can read the full article on Coindesk here.

On the topics of markets, Dream Market, the infamous dark web marketplace is coming to an end in it’s current form. Where the platform goes next remains to be seen.

What’s the latest over on Bitcoin Cash?

After flying through testing, CashShuffle is now live bringing a new level of privacy to Bitcoin Cash.

Meanwhile, Josh Ellithorpe of Coinbase and who coincidentally has been busy working on CashShuffle jumped in to tell the wider Bitcoin community to band together.

Oh and then we go back to the funny as one Twitter user makes fun of our good friend Calvin.

Away from BCH and BSV, Lightning is making a lot noise. 1%, that seems very familiar to something we heard about a while ago.

Now to what many consider the best part of these newsletters. Welcome to Luke Dashjr corner!

To round this bad boy off we would like to highlight a cause close to us all. Visit if you haven’t already. We should do all we can to ensure Ross spends his next birthday in freedom.

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Till next time, Shitcoiners!

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