Newsletter #32 (March 2nd, 2019)

March 2, 2019
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Yo Shitcoiners,

With a string of conferences behind us, the HQ has been relocated to an undisclosed island location (Zane and others who are worthy, swing by to pick up your t-shirt).

Before we dive in we'd like to share a very important announcement from SideShift AI.

Remember now is your chance to become the leader of the pack, the early adopter. Become a SideShift AI TEST PILOT.

Now to the latest news, John McAfee spice and a meme or three.

For some there have been signs that this bear is coming to an end. For others this still smells like a shit show. Arthur Hayes has been enjoying some pow pow and he’s got a message for you.

While Arthur enjoys the snow, many of his customers have been losing hair.

Because after all, we (by we I mean everyone reading this newsletter) has a problem.

Anyway now to some real news. Reports have surfaced about the QuadrigaCX 2nd in command serving time for his role in an identity theft ring, whether these claims are true or not remains to be seen but what we do know is, this whole debacle is shady.

Kraken are now looking to do their bit to locate the stolen funds.

In what many would consider the biggest scandal of them all, MtGox, people are slowly but surely digging their way further in. Hopefully uncovering what really went on. Peter McCormack put together an excellent series which is worth a listen.

Also this week the other Andreas voiced his distaste towards the booth babes which you see at every crypto conference.

Andreas and I were talking about this only the other day. Ultimately we all love playing games, even adults. Jesse seems to echo this idea.

Now to a tenuous gaming link. Intrigued how Ethereum came into the world?

And thus, Ethereum (a word that came from WoW) was born. Speaking of births, Vitalik is pregnant.

Honestly the way this newsletter flows this week feels like a dream. To stay within the confines of Eth-world. What is the best name for the category of decentralized open financial systems being built on #Ethereum?

Now to the part of the newsletter where we highlight some of our favourite characters in the world of Bitcoin. You probably know who’s up next before we’ve even written it down ourselves.

Hint - his ‘male member’ was the largest part of him at birth.

And then we have another of our favourites. It seems guns are definitely on the mind for Luke Dashjr.

This is where we get to the funnier parts of the week.

Up first, a PSA from Emin.

And finally, is the lottery really poking fun at Bitcoin? The world is a weird place.

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Till next time, Shitcoiners!

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