Newsletter #31 (February 22nd, 2019)

February 22, 2019
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Hello Shitcoiners,

Unfortunately we didn’t get to your inboxes last week Andreas and the team were busy at Anarchapulco. Doing you know, Anarchapulco things.

But now we’re back!

So what’s in store this week? We have crypto wallets in mobiles, TABConf and Anarchapulco shenanigans and so much more. Two weeks away and boy, is there a lot of spicy content to sift through.

The big news this week comes from Samsung who announced that the next flagship, the Galaxy S10 will include Samsung Knox, private key storage.

Why is this a big deal? Ryan Selkis helped to break it down.

Meanwhile in more adoption news, Google Keyboard now has the Bitcoin symbol! In what is obviously an expertly crafted meme, Vitalik messaged Google as he was a little salty Ethereum wasn’t on there.

In the parody he then proceeded to get #rekt by Google. Fake, hilarious on all accounts and we hope that in some parallel universe this actually happened.

Now to conference shenanigans! Andreas had a busy couple of weeks at TABConf and then Anarchapulco. To keep this chronological, first to TABConf in Atlanta.

This was definitely one the token bois should have avoided. Bitcoin was very much on the agenda. With an interesting cross section of players in the space it made for interesting viewing.

Then many migrated down to Acapulco for Anarchapulco which the whole team attended. Oh boy, was it a fun week.

Beautiful girls spreading Bitcoin, what’s not to like? Well, some folks on Twitter were obviously not so into it. You can’t please everyone.

Regardless of what people think, the more support we can give to #FreeRoss in this community the better. We hope the booth girls helped.

Then some actual conference panels. The Cryptopulco stage hosted a great discussion with some of’s favourites.

And as always, Ron Paul stole the show on the main stage.

We were also lucky to meet some of you amazing readers, shoutout to Cindy! We took a bag full of limited edition Shitcoin tees down to the conference and they went down a treat.

Some were even spotted out in the wild…

Keep your eyes peeled for these as we will have some available for all you Shitcoiners out there very soon!

With the powers that (seemingly) be in mind, what is the best way for us to reach Hyperbitcoinization?

Controversy is rife in the world of Bitcoin as always. So here are some updates from the two spiciest debacles of recent weeks.

First up QuadrigaCX.

Also click the below tweet to follow Brian Armstrong’s analysis of what the Coinbase team thought went down. It’s an intriguing read.

Now to MtGox! The spice must flow. First Karpeles jumped in, in response to fan favourite Micon The Icon.

Then Daniel Kelman hit back at Brock Pierce.

And he ran through exactly what went down on a podcast.

Has Brock gone insane? Who knows. Regardless he’s reading into words in the strangest ways.

Meanwhile the Lightning torch shit is continuing. Everyone is still passing that thing around.

LN fan boys and girls are even pulling their grandma’s into it.

But those BTC maximalists don't like it when the Ethereum squad try to jump on the train...

Oh and to round it up, we don’t want to waste anymore energy talking about him, but people are lapping up CSW’s claims yet again.

In another turn of events, someone else has come out and said it is they who are Satoshi.

But remember team, we can all be Satoshi.

To stay in the loop on all the things you need to know, follow Andreas on Twitter.

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Till next time, Shitcoiners!

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