Newsletter #30 (February 8th, 2019)

February 8, 2019
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Yo Shitcoiners,

There’s never a dull moment is there? What an intriguing week in the world of crypto.

This week’s newsletter is jam-packed with Andreas’ favourite stories of the week. Read on for exchange (or former exchange) shenanigans from QuadrigaCX and Mt. Gox. Lightning tomfoolery with Jack. Oh and as always, a little McAfee entertainment to wash it all down.

First up a little update on SideShift AI! The automated coin swap service is growing by the hour.

This week saw the addition of BadgerWallet support.

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Now to spicy content. To start, let’s keep it light. What does our favourite Bitcoin Core developer think of the McChicken sandwich?

Now to something that takes the heat up a few notches.

QuadrigaCX has been making headlines ever since its founder supposedly died and the money was ‘lost’. Everyone has questions and so far there have been very few answers.

Although considered by many as the go-to exchange of Canada, Quadriga has had a checkered past. It was reported last year that the company was actually ran by a ponzi-fraudster, Omar Dhanani.

With the latest developments though much of Crypto-Twitter and several OGs have got stuck in and are on the case.

Emin Gun Sirer has been a beacon of information. He shared this nugget from FoxNews. Crypto shenanigans is going mainstream.

It’s a mysterious case and so many holes in the story have been highlighted. Emin shared a few of them including the weird coincidence that one of the founders names is an anagram for Heroin Lover.

Well, that is one spicy drug of choice isn’t it?

Jesse Powell, Kraken CEO, has also jumped in to offer help in the investigation if needed. He told Twitter that Kraken have thousands of wallet addresses tied to Quadriga.

With the cold storage at the forefront of this investigation, many in the community are calling for disclosure of those addresses.

Conveniently named u/WhereMyCryptoAt has supposedly located some of those cold wallets and shock horror, funds are on their way out.

Meanwhile it seems that either the QuadrigaCX team are taking their strategy from Silicon Valley or the show is turning into a way to predict the future.

Now to another big story of the week. That old chestnut Mt. Gox has been making headlines again.

First it was revealed that it was in fact BitPoint who sold the BTC in 2018. An interesting development as it was that BTC in question which many feel crashed the market and led us on this bearish run we find ourselves on.

Interesting in checking out the latest? Read the BitPoint shaming report here.

Then in a shocking twist press began to surface that Brock Pierce is looking to revive the exchange and do the right thing by all ‘victims’. We are sitting tight to see how that one plays out as it still seems like very early days.

Twitter Jack was shilling CashApp over on the Joe Rogan podcast last week. Now he seems to be pushing on and shilling Lightning.

He also proceeded to shit over other coins in the process. Facepalm.

Andreas threw his two cents in the mix on the Lightning issue. He warned social media power users not to let that god damn torch get in the wrong hands.

Now to some other crypto news.  This week Zooko has been captivating Vitalik.

… and @cryptograffiti did a thing.

But now, to the pièce de résistance. A Newsletter is not complete without us checking in on possibly our favourite presidential candidate ever (we perused this list and still couldn’t find one that would match him, apart from maybe The Impaler).

Here are some of John’s best bits. We honestly don’t really need to say much here. This shit is comedy gold, enjoy.

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Till next time, Shitcoiners!

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