Newsletter #27 (January 18th, 2019)

January 18, 2019
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Good day Shitcoiners,

Markets may be crashing and burning but the shill train don’t stop.

This week over on Shitcoin TV we spoke stablecoins with good friend of, Lawson Baker. An interesting two-parter, check out the first bit below.

Now let’s dive into the action. In a week of a monumental crypto anniversary (Hey!Hey! Hey!) we have an exciting announcement or two, tweets about a new (shit)coin everyone is raving about and memes. We always have memes.

To kick things off we go to to BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes who has been as spicy as ever this week.

r/Bitcoin has had it in for Jihan for a while but they are really sticking the knife in with their reporting of Bitmain office closures. Tribalism at it’s best.

… and there was the resurfacing of a meme to end all memes, albeit with some different context.

Before we continue with your weekly dose of all things crypto we bring you a quick announcement from one of our favourite Bitcoiners, Juan Galt.

He is running a workshop at Anarchapulco this year. Be Your Own Bank will teach you about the threats you face in today’s worlds and will give you tools to get financial sovereignty and plan for the future. Click below to learn more.

Now to one of the biggest stories of the week, Grin. The private and lightweight mimblewimble blockchain has been pulling in the maximalists, we’re looking at you Jameson Lopp.

Will they soon be shilling coins in the lower end of the top 100 on CMC like the rest of us?

Even Theymos is getting in on the action.

We will just be leaving this here…

One maximalist who may or may not get behind Grin is favourite Luke Dashjr. Luke is a man of principles as this next tweet from his demonstrates.

Meanwhile Erik has been tweeting about how many times ShapeShift was hit by law enforcement requests. We have to say it doesn’t seem like that many. A few a month?

One of the reasons many have backed away from ShapeShift is the addition of KYC. Well, in light of that, Andreas has been making a thing. - automated coin swap.

SideShift is also on the lookout for TEST PILOT(S). Click here to sign up for access and join the Telegram chat to keep up to date with all the spicy developments.

Now we move on briefly from the memes, to thinking about how people perceive the people who originally make the memes. Meta as fuck.

Meanwhile VeChain are spurting out more nonsense about partnerships. Comedy gold below.

Oh and to round off this entry of the Newsletter if you didn’t catch it already, we have new merch!

Andreas will be rocking this at upcoming conferences spreading the word and we may even release a few to some of our favourite Shitcoiners. Stay tuned.

To stay in the loop on all the things you need to know, follow Andreas on Twitter.

And remember, need 100x leverage? Use his referral link on BitMEX. You know you want to.

Till next time, Shitcoiners!

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