Newsletter #26 (January 11th, 2019)

January 11, 2019
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Good day Shitcoiners,

Just when you thought things were looking up the market tanks yet again. Many on Crypto-Twitter have accepted their fate. They are wagecucks once again.

Are you so rekt you won’t be joining Andreas at Anarchapulco this year? Let us know on Telegram.

Last week we met up with Hayden from to run through some predictions for 2019 by the Sydney Opera House. Then as expected, we hit the Opera Bar (actually we went there before too but that’s not important).

Have we hit rock bottom? Who knows but Romano had some interesting observations to share. This bearmarket has been spicy.

While some reminisce of shenanigans so far, others sell their Lambos to buy the bottom.

We would just like to point out Jan was likely not the first. Roger Ver has publicly spoken of selling his for Bitcoin way back in the day. There may have been others too we don't know about. Still a very cool thing to do though.

A man who doesn’t strike us a Lamborghini driver, and who Romano referred to in his tweet above is Peter Brandt. He predicted the market would crash back down to $4kback in January 2018 and must have forgot to short.

Why? Well he’s now shilling jerky.

In other news, Jeff Bezos’ wife has shown that she is up there with the top traders of all time. With financial markets looking a little shakey, did she just sell at the top?

From one juggernaut to another. John McAfee is getting super weird with all of the whalefucking. Some would call this a PR stunt. We call it PR genius.

As far as cryptocurrency folklore goes John is definitely up there.

His angle for his run at the presidency (where he doesn’t want you to vote for him) is controversial. Yet he's got people clicking.

A man who is stepping down as “President” is TenX’s Julian Hosp. They have undelivered in the eyes of many so this comes as no surprise. The whole crypto debit card thing sounds great, but the likes of Visa and Mastercard were never going to make it easy.

In more positive news has re-enabled Bitcoin Cash payments. The perfect place to grab flights and hotels, using Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies for that matter. Whatever floats your boat. For BCH at least this represents a move in the right direction after the fork drama of November.

Another positive development in Bitcoin this week was the un-banning of by Square. The free-speech social network has been struggling to find a payment provider to work with them but it seems they may have found a way.

Gab have also been making a bit of noise about Lightning on their social accounts. Chatter about LN seems to be everywhere, people are even arm wrestling with it. Andreas may give more thoughts on it soon. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile in a totally expected move Gemini are taking over Wall Street with their “rules” and “regulations” ads.

Funnily enough if they keep going down the regulated route your money may only work 9-5pm Mon-Fri. Getting through all the KYC/AML bullshit is going to destroy you.

Now in what is becoming a regular segment of the newsletter we ask you to bow to your Thot leader, Brenna Sparks.

Or better yet follow these steps:

  1. follow her on Twitter
  2. Look out for her next cam show and tune in
  3. Tip and proceed to shill whichever shitcoin you are pushing to all of your friends and family right now

To round this one up we present to you a lesson in trolling 101 with Fluffypony.

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Till next time, Shitcoiners!

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