Newsletter #25 (January 5th, 2019)

January 5, 2019
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Happy 2019 Shitcoiners,

Before we hop right in to a rundown of Andreas’ favourite content of the past week, you should check out a special episode of Shitcoin TV we put together with Daniel Krawisz. In this four parter he tells us how to be a good Bitcoiner in 2019.

The Emperor’s lessons should not be missed! Click below to watch the first part.

You may take Daniel’s advice and become a good Bitcoiner in 2019 or you may not. If you choose not to change for the better this year, spend your days in the cesspool of Reddit instead!

Read this /r/cryptocurrency cheat sheet so you know how to fit in, avoid sounding like a noob and how to say all the right things.

A couple of days ago the Bitcoin world rejoiced as we hit a very special milestone, the 10th anniversary of the Genesis Block!

BitMEX celebrated by putting together arguably one of the best ads of all time.

Vitalik Buterin also jumped in with his birthday wishes on the big day.

Bitcoins most vocal tall black woman Giacomo (self-proclaimed, not our label), hit Luke Dashjr with a wittty tweet. The Italian stallion is a bit of buzzkill as many of you know. We found him even less endearing when he refer to us as “the mindless crowd”.

Meanwhile ZCash head honcho Zooko took a trip down memory lane and cited some of his early commentary on Bitcoin. A mention by Satoshi himself? No bad Zooko, not bad.

Now let’s get back to the memes. One Crypto-Twitter user sprung up with an amazing recreation of the hit series, Full House. Introducing, Full Blocks!

A certain man from the Full Blocks lineup has been busy shilling the coin he sold at the top, on the big stage. At the eagerly anticipated UFC 232 event in Inglewood, California, Litecoin took a prime sponsorship spot on the mat.

Did the LTC Foundation really think this was a good use of funds? Or did Charlie Lee just want some front row seats?

Meanwhile one of Bitcoin’s most rational commentators made a great point. Many of you reading this will like the idea of being your own bank. But ultimately for the normies out there it sounds like a ton of extra work. We can’t help but agree.

One man who is his own bank and so it would seem, his own taxman, is our good friend John. This dude is fearless.

In the newsletter we like to keep things flowing with a theme. With so many crypto icons popping up in this edition, here we take your attention to another two.

Is 2019 the year that Romano parties with ActualAdviceBTC again, involuntarily does his bodyweight in drugs and eats some prophetic ass?

We hope so.

Romano may or may not eat the ass but one thing’s for sure, he will at least give one piece of actual advice this year. See below.

What would a newsletter be without some CSW chatter?

While Craig loved telling us all that we would lose it all in 2019, it appears this might be the year he gets a taste of his own medicine. Does this feel like karma to you?

Let’s face it, Nouriel and Craig are probably friends. They are abrasive and spurt nonsense all day on Twitter.

We always like to round off the newsletter with a little fun. If there was an award for the two most contrasting tweets in a newsletter, these may win it.

The first, a man famous for his bowties washing the dishes to death metal.

The second, one of our heroes discussing the fascinating topic of whale fucking.

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Till next time, Shitcoiners!

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