Newsletter #24 (December 29, 2018)

December 29, 2018
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Hello Shitcoiners,

Before we dive in we have to to tell yopu there will be no Shitcoin TV episode this week. Sad times. Andreas, myself and the rest of Team are set to meet up in the coming days, so expect new content on YouTube next week!

Christmas is done, family-cucking can end for 2018 and Bitcoin hasn’t died yet, although it has been reported it’s about to be over 90 times this year.

Despite us firmly believing it won’t die. A bear is still waiting to bring you down a peg or two... at any moment.

But it’s not all doom and gloom!

Andreas and his Lightning reviews are being circulated amongst a new wave of LN fanboys and Bitcoin aficionados.

One man who loves attention almost as much as he loves telling us we’re going to lose everything is our regular contributor, Craig. He took to Twitter recently to wish you all the happiest of holidays.

In what will come as no surprise to you all, our accounts are blocked by CSW so we have to use the Faketoshi Bot. Some will say we should just ignore him, but his regular flow of comedy gold means we have to keep an eye on what he’s up to.

Speaking of things with great comedic value, how did you handle family and friends laughing at you “collecting those bitcoins” this Christmas?

Now to a company many (including Core/SV soy boys) love to hate, Bitmain. This week Samson and his magical crypto friends pushed the narrative that Jihan’s company were laying off a lot of staff.

This was later supported by a Coindesk article. In that piece a source said:

“As we move into the new year, we will continue to double down on hiring the best talent from a diverse range of backgrounds.”

Time will tell how this plays out for Bitmain. Samson will be waiting with bated breath.

In other Bitcoin news, it was reported this week that human body heat could be“harvested” and used to mine bitcoin. 44,000 bodies would generate 1 BTC per month. If we get back to late 2017 levels, will we see mass harvesting of human beings?

This shit may get weird… but in many ways the world of crypto already has.

When you need pulling back to reality there’s nothing like thinking about how gagging on dicks is just like gagging when you check the Bitcoin price.

Many Bitcoin Private bag holders may too have been gagging this week as a report by @coinmetrics raised some concerns about coin supply. Something looks very little fishy.

Speaking of scam-shaming, Fluffypony came up with a delightful hashtag.

There’s seems to be more tension on Crypto-Twitter than usual at the moment. Is it the market downturn? Or are people just going full YOLO?

Brotalik has been popping up more and more, this time with a pretty bold statement. Blasphemous some may say!

Andreas’ Lightning reviews spoke about how operating a node wasn’t going to make you money. If @cryptograffiti continues at this rate he/she too will earn nothing, I jest, I jest.

The popular crypto artist utilised the Lightning Network this week to sell a piece titled “Black Swan” for 37 billionths of a dollar.

Does a transaction with a fee this small mean success to you? Or is it pointless when other coins can transfer for less than a cent?

The argument is often that transaction fees will mean something to individuals in poorer countries. But how much a 37 billionth of a dollar will mean is an interesting question.

In other commerce news the guys and girls over at have been speaking out in the wake of some interesting claims by Hublot. The watch giant told the world they were the first watch to be sold for Bitcoin, which is incorrect. They stated a few other things that aren't quite right either. Give the article a read to learn more.

This week we aren’t leaving you with laugh out loud moments, but rather two tweets that require some deep contemplation.

The first, a man telling you to trust some guy called Karl when it comes to firearms.

The second, a Bill Murray stalker who looks far too old to be writing “lol” on tweets, lol.

So there it is, the last newsletter of 2018. It's been a blast.

To stay in the loop on all the things you need to know, follow Andreas on Twitter.

And remember, need 100x leverage? Use his referral link on BitMEX. You know you want to.

Happy New Year Shitcoiners!

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