Newsletter #23 (December 22, 2018)

December 22, 2018
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Ho! Ho! Ho! You filthy animals,

Andreas has his Christmas jumper on and we are no longer in a perpetual nosedive. Are we set to have a very Merry Christmas after all?

Today’s newsletter has a little festive cheer, a mysterious rock and Tone’s shiny head. It’s action packed.

Before diving in we’d like to make you aware of an insightful three part series we had the pleasure of filming with Paul Sztorc! We talked:

  1. Drivechain and if it could have helped us avoid problems of the past
  2. Bitcoin Hivemind and trolling friends with prediction markets
  3. The future of Drivechain and how you might be using it already

Click below to start the playlist if visual clicking links through images is your thing.

The first bit of joy from last week pays homage to the beautiful logic that sweeps through cryptoland.

Meanwhile over in the US people not been searching up the specifics of that incoming Mexican wall, no they have actually been taking investing advice from Google. I suppose this really is how everyone starts the DYOR phase?

A weird phenomenon is occurring. No longer are Nigerian Princes asking for deposits, now bomb threats are hitting inboxes with $20,000 requested in Bitcoin to stop it.

As if anyone is going to give away 5 BTC right now. Give it a few months and you may be able to get rid of bomb threats for a fraction of that!

Meanwhile Fluffypony is seemingly tempting fate by taking his hardware wallets to sea. He probably should have learnt from Andreas’ mistakes.

There seems to be some scary things happening by this rock in Thailand. It’s like the Bermuda Triangle Asia edition.

Andreas has been doing all he can to find the missing bits of hardware.

PSA: if anyone goes near that rock in Thailand and finds a hardware wallet that you suspect is Lawson's here are the details.

Please email us at and we’ll get it back to him. Thanks.

From men with solid haircuts to a man who was in dire need of one. Tone Vays has been sporting the monk-cut forever. Now we don’t know if it’s just a coincidence but the market is looking a little better and Tone has got rid of that dreadful mess.

Thank you Tone!

One coin that Tone does not hide his feelings about is Bitcoin Cash. This is one cryptocurrency that has been at the center of controversy as of late. 1KBKen wrote a great piece about taking the middle road during this turbulent time. A great read!

Moving away from cryptocurrencies that have the potential to be, well, money we divert our attention to the tokenisation of the world.

A reality where you pay your dentist using Dentacoin feels far away. Monero on the other hand has some space in the world right now. Privacy is important.

Want to learn more? Mastering Monero is here!

To close this one off we couldn’t have a festive special without some McAfee Christmas cheer.

So there you have it.

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Merry Christmas Shitcoiners!

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