Newsletter #22 (December 14th, 2018

December 14, 2018
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Happy Holidays Shitcoiners!

This week a US government official suggested the Mexico wall is crowdfunded using crypto. What a time to be alive.

If that’s not sent you down a rabbit hole already then read on for rebuttals, spicy memes and the occasional Bitcoin dildo (Andreas’ reading this week has been interesting to say the least).

To kickstart proceedings we have a conundrum for you:

If we had a flash bull run and those heavy bags of yours 50x’d overnight, would you:

a. Sell it all, buy a modest condo on the beach and get out of crypto (providing you can afford one).

b. Sell a little, have a very merry Christmas.

c. HODL and hope for 100x in 2019, eat chicken instead of Turkey (the latter is expensive)

One man who knows how to HODL is CZ. Either he’s been tweeting more or we’ve just been paying more attention, we’re not sure. Nevertheless he tweeted last week asking for the origin of HODL.

Crypto-Twitter responded immediately.

CZ and Gandalf. They both want you to keep buying Bitcoin. The Binance head honcho wants your trading fees after all.

This bear market is bringing to light all sorts of shenanigans. One particularly hilarious case is that of KodakCoin. Read the link via Reddit below.

TLDR: ICO started people that aren’t actually a part of Kodak. Kodak execs get stock options to butter them up. Project doesn’t really go anywhere. No product. Now everyone wants their money back.

One man who knows a thing or two about ICOs (in particular the art of the shill) is our frequent feature, John McAfee.

This bear market John has been sharing what he’s up to on a daily basis. It’s been real. Here is a headshot of him from a DUI a few years ago.

Meanwhile friend Hayden of has been dropping meme bombs.

Did Calvin not get that he was the butt of the joke here? Or is turning memes into free advertising the new norm?

His SV army will likely lap up whatever he posts... *shudders.*

One educated SV shill is leveraging his PhD student status and donating a signed copy of the whitepaper to the Cambridge GC Library. The conversation on the tweet confirms he had it signed by none other than Dr. Craig Wright.

A few things to note.

  1. You should head to the Faketoshi Corner Telegram chat. It’s a cesspool, but it’s hilarious. Everyone shares the thinking that Craig is Faketoshi.
  2. Where have all of these SV shills come from? Why had very few been vocal in other Bitcoin communities? Smells kind of fishy.
  3. Rob should know better than to support claims which lack substantial evidence.

Anyway, enough CSW talk. Let’s get back to the real geniuses of this space. First up, Vitalik!

Last week he challenged BCH:

“Saying "BCH is bitcoin" can't cut it, because only a tiny portion of the world cares about weird religious arguments about the legitimacy of claims to some internet throne. The message must be first and foremost "BCH is useful". Once again, I have been seeing signs lately of the community going in that direction, but it needs to be a much stronger norm. But I do see reason to be optimistic."

Read the full post below.

To keep the Vitalik train rolling here is an excellent Photoshop effort from Roy.

We only just noticed the snake she’s holding, hilarious. Andreas suggested a tweak.

Is Brotalik growing into the Casanova of crypto? Brenna thinks so.

Here she is playing with that Bitcoin dildo if you wanted to watch.

If two doses of Brenna wasn’t enough we have one more for you below. Let’s be real here, in a bear market you need distractions and whos’ better than “the cutest advisor on the blockchain”?

Even exchanges are hitting her up.

Now to a less exciting, definitely weird partnership. Vinny Lingham’s Civic is now partnering with the dental coin we all know and love… Dentacoin!

To round this one up. Here is some spice.

So there you have it.

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Till next time, Shitcoiners.

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