Newsletter #21 (December 6, 2018)

December 7, 2018
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Hi Shitcoiners,

It’s safe to say, we’re all rekt. But that’s okay because we have some fresh content to take your mind off things.

Before you dive into a newsletter of crypto-Twitter, controversy and capitulation you should watch the latest episode of Shitcoin TV.

It features one of us doing the bear market right (Andreas) and the other sat in a cold room in Western Europe (Blake).

Another week, another SEC bombshell.

In the least shocking news ever Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled were the first celebrities to be charged with unlawfully touting coin offerings. Those social media posts must feel awfully expensive now.

Another public figure who's also down right now is Ricky Williams.

Now we could fill this newsletter with images of red candles and scary Telegram stickers but that wouldn’t be a way to win over a crowd.

Instead, let’s take this shit up a notch and talk about death spirals!

Speaking of POS, there is some lighter news in this ocean of misery we find ourselves in. Vitalik received an honorary doctorate.

Despite being one of the most prominent cryptocurrency projects in the space, BTC maximalists like One-Meg-Greg still think Ethereum is a scam.

This felt like the perfect time to drop in this meme-worthy shot of Adam Back...

Do you know what Adam Back was doing in that van?

We feel this next video is a must watch if you like a little CT as much as we do. It really sets the scene well.

With that context in mind, please scroll for a string of Andreas’ favourite tweets from last week.

That’s enough of memes (for now), it’s time to get back to some mudslinging and shade throwing.

Zooko is a man who states the facts. He evidently likes to be a little spicy occasionally too. Last week he highlighted some layoffs (big and small) in the crypto community. The first, Steemit.

Then he proceeded to share an article about Spankchain’s recent layoffs too.

The article also goes on to state that Spankchain still have 2-3 years of runway with their current burn rate. They’ve got $2m in fiat and $1m sat in crypto. All would suggest they will continue to #SpankTheUnspanked for a while yet.

Good friend of and recent Shitcoin TV guest, Bryan Micon raised an interesting point recently. It seems many involved in crypto are more interested in listening to people talk about it than actually using it.

While many plan which conferences they’ll be attending, some are building, spreading adoption and doing good.

… others like John are simply trying to make you smile. Smile as you sigh with every fresh red candle your see on your overpriced monitor you bought during the bull run (you should have invested in a lifetime supply of ramen instead).

If this downturn is getting too much, this hilarious video is sure to brighten your day.

So there you have it.

To stay in the loop on all the things you need to know, follow Andreas on Twitter.

And remember, need 100x leverage? Use his referral link on BitMEX. You know you want to.

Till next time, Shitcoiners.

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