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December 1, 2018
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Andreas has been busy on the podcasts over the last week. Appearing with C. Edward Kelso on Milk, one of the spiciest podcast’s around from the Coinspice team. He also had a great chat with Juan Galt. Both worth a listen!

How are you all faring in this latest dip? Do you think the bottom is in?

There are reports of Andreas praying to the crypto gods from HQ. Quiet whispers can be heard,

“Bitcoin 50k, Bitcoin 50k, Bitcoin 50k”

We hope his prayers are answered soon.

If there was a tweet to sum up how your week has gone in the world of crypto, this one from Arthur Hayes might be it.

Even ISIS are getting rekt.

For those of you that left the wage-cuck life behind during the recent bull run it might be time for you to explore your options.

After all by becoming a slave again you will be able to pay off your Prius and hold onto all those ICO tokens!

Ready to get started? This role could be the one for you.

While you consider the prospect of being the the guy/girl who dishes out the Big Macs, governments have been trying to compound your misery.

The US Treasury announced this week they had identified associated digital currency addresses of people involved in the spread of malicious cyber activity in Iran.

Is this another reason why privacy should be top of the feature list for Bitcoin?

In other government-related news, Luke has been messaging the President.

We thought he would have the direct line to Donald as all of the other Bitcoin Core devs do *puts on tinfoil hat* , but we’re happy he shared this on Twitter for the rest of us to see.

From one man “leading” a nation to another “leading” a coin (notice the inverted commas). Calvin Ayre has retreated and called a halt to the hash war. Many argue it was over before it began, but his PR machine has been busy over the last week.

We can only imagine that this meme is representative of what CSW really thought.

But rest assured guys the Cult of Craig is still strong. Faketoshi is not going anywhere just yet, even if Calvin has demoted him to BitcoinSV.

Craig still has his fans though as this now deleted tweet shows.

Ready to understand a little more about Calvin’s ecosystem? Juan Galt shared this insightful piece.

Anyway that’s enough Calvin and Craig for one newsletter. They can start to feel a little overbearing.

Let’s see what the man who shilled his own coin then sold it at the top is up to. Heading to Helsinki are we Mr. Lee?

From one shill to another that’s much better. John has recently been getting up to all sorts of shenanigans on Skycoin’s behalf. We wondered how much they paid him?

One thing’s for sure is the most influential man in crypto know’s how to get shit done. Taking off his shirt is one way he gets motivated.

The institutional money might be taking his advice and getting balls deep as we speak.

Mike Novogratz had a rough week.  He might have wished he timed his entry a little better than he did. Reports surfaced this week that Novogratz’s crypto trading desk, Galaxy Digital lost $136 million in 9 months. Those investor reports be awkward.

“Dear sir,

The good news is we have accumulated a shit ton of BTC, ETH and XRP on your behalf.

The bad news is it’s now worth a lot less than when we bought it.

But hey, we are in it for the long term right?”

In other news the former CEO of Mt. Gox has just released an implementation of PHP. We are as intrigued as you to see how much traction this one gets.

It’s not all doom a gloom. Bear markets are a time for infinite memes and giggles. Here are a couple of Andreas’ favourites from the last week.

Brenna Sparks has a habit of brightening up our day. As advocates of “do what you like as long as you don’t hurt others” this next proposal has the green light from us.

We can’t speak for all crypto CEOs but we don’t think Andreas would mind.

Oh, and then we got to zoom in on her asshole.

Governments, pornstars and Calvin Ayre. Bitcoin is getting interest from all walks of life.

So there you have it.

To stay in the loop on all the things you need to know, follow Andreas on Twitter.

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See you, Shitcoiners.

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