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November 24, 2018
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Hello Shitcoiners,

Are you swimming in a sea of red this week? Us too!

Don’t worry though, you’re week probably hasn’t been as rough as Craig’s. We sat down with Decentralized Thought on Shitcoin TV this week. It was a cracker, watch below.

When you’ve finished watching that, let’s get back to your weekly dose of the newsletter. We are here to brighten up your day.

This instalment is full of tip top memes, hash war developments and Thanksgiving treats.

First to the battlefield!

When you are heading to war, you have to look the part. CTO Emil Oldenburg did just that, donning Swedish military as he marched with 4.02 EH/s into battle.

How much hashrate is 4 Exahash? Well that’s more power than the Hoover Dam. Yep, it’s sizeable.

One man who was likely unimpressed with how much hashrate ABC brought to the table was one Dr. Craig S. Wright. As always Craig is the perfect target of the meme community.

You might have remembered that reference to ‘stiff bikkies’, well last week the tables were turned with this golden nugget. has been a go-to resource of the hard fork. A great resource to keep an eye on the action. Here is another meme making use of that wonderful hash rate chart.

When something from the world of Bitcoin finds it’s way to /biz on 4chan you know it’s serious.

Bitcoin Unlimited Chief Scientist Peter Rizun was eager to understand the public sentiment on when CSW would come through on his threats. The results were telling.

Some may say Calvin has put a lot of trust in Craig and bankrolled this whole thing. Is he wishing he’d batted for another team?

No, we aren’t referring to Calvin’s sexuality there. We’re talking forks, you have a filthy mind. It’s common knowledge he loves the ladies anyway.

Whatever would Craig think of that meme? Well you’re in luck!

We aren’t sure what’s making us feel more uneasy. The shortening of Calvin to ‘Cal’ (pet names are a thing now!) or the reference to Roger’s tits.

Let’s just move on…

As a side note, if you want to dive into some tech, here is an intriguing piece from BU developer Andrew Stone titled, ‘Why Bitcoin (Cash) Script is Nearly Useless (and what to do about it)

Now at this point with the hash war looking all but over what would you do if you were in Calvin’s shoes?

No one would have predicted he’d start throwing threats of criminal and SEC investigations. Poor form Calvin.

We interrupt this hash wars announcement to bring you a bear market must watch. The latest Bizonacci video is here!

Now back to hash wars. If you’ve been following the Bodog billionaire on Twitter you will have been a string of tweets. The latest all but confirms the war is over.

One of the most interesting bipolar personalities in the space, Cobra, had some choice words for Mr. Ayre.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the exact thing Craig and Calvin hate made it’s way to BitcoinSV? Say hello to WormholeSV and a spicy exchange they had with CEO Andreas.

Sorry Andreas, it looks like you will not be getting early access.

Okay that was a lot of Bcash for you. To lighten the load let’s quickly go to a newsletter favourite who will do anything he can to avoid BCH.

Luke Dashjr doesn’t give a shit about the fork. He has bigger issues closer to home.

A social network that Luke may be into is They have been struggling as of late after being banned from multiple payment providers. First there was Stripe, then Coinbase. Now BitPay have followed suit.

It was probably expected. BitPay is pretty cautious. One thing they possibly should have been more cautious with was this video. We don’t know if they approved this one, but yikes, it was so bad it may have triggered the sell off.

If listening to that masterpiece was not how you wanted to spend your Thanksgiving, some other popular faces sprung up to spread some holiday cheer.

One man who wasn’t present this year was Ross Ulbricht. It’s about time, let’s Free Ross.

Over on Ethereum Air, newly appointed r/Ethereum moderator Steven McKie has been chatting bitcoin with fellow passengers. Or trying. The bear market must make many hide away and pretend they aren’t invested up to their ears.

Cobra has evidently not been paying much attention to the project’s Steven advises. SpankChain have been doing some cool stuff. He should take a look.

That's it for this week!

To stay in the loop on all the things you need to know, follow Andreas on Twitter.

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See you, Shitcoiners.

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