Newsletter #17 (November 10th, 2018)

November 10, 2018
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Hi there Shitcoiners,

Before we dive in check out the latest episode from Shitcoin TV on our Youtube channel. This week with Andreas and former poker pro and drone aficionado Bryan Micon!

Did someone say hash war?

No, we’re not talking about the stuff you find in Morocco or Afghanistan. This time we’re talking Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Cash community is never short of controversy but the past few weeks have been several million scovilles. Talk of a “Hash War” has been rife for weeks, but with the network upgrade due on November 15th just around the corner this shit’s getting spicy.

On one side we have Bitcoin ABC backed by the likes of Roger Ver and Jihan Wu and on the other BitcoinSV led by Craig “couple of screws loose” Wright and Calvin Ayre.

Fork Futures are live on Poloniex and they’re pretty telling.

CSW has proclaimed that no hard fork will take place. Many in the community feel it’s inevitable due to incompatibility.

It seems like this is going down. Ain’t no stopping the hash train!

One man who has been lingering in the background as of late is one Gregory Maxwell. 1-MB-Greg reached out to Craig in an email where the motives were difficult to understand. We will leave this one to you to decipher.

Meanwhile over in Beijing it’s spice o’clock. Jihan gave his own take on why Greg was messaging Craig.

Jihan is a man of few words, but when he tweets he drops bombs.

People were eagerly awaiting the reaction of Roger Ver to all the shenanigans and boy did he deliver.

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One Reddit user gave some solid reasons why BitcoinSV will fail:

  1. Bitmain has warehouses full of 42TH/s S 11 miners that are ready to go
  2. Bitmain has over 1 million BCH coins ready to split and dump
  3. Bitmain has significant pre-existing hashpower on BTC ready to switch to BCH at any moment
  4. The hash vacuum will suck in additional hash power for ABC
  5. Craig Wright will destroy any cooperative relationship he has as he reliably creates enemies at every turn
  6. Aside from the sockpuppets and paid shills, everyone in the BCH space supports ABC / BU clients

Reactions, commentary and predictions have been flooding social media, including one from Andreas.

Will CSW be the downfall of BitcoinSV? The way he deals with people running his nodes suggest he may.

While all of the fork drama continues Jihan is shipping hardware.

If you’d like to check out the specifications and pricing of the new units, you can read them here.

In other news as ways to spend Bitcoin increase by the day, gift cards are proven a way to do just that. recently launched their own platform to bring gift cardsto the masses.

And in another use case for crypto, you can now feed chickens!

In a week where Blockstream released the Liquid full node and wallet it becomes more apparent that they aren’t really creating anything that innovative (or decentralised).

Now to Charlie Shrem. He's a guy doesn’t have the best reputation in Bitcoin. This week he has been experiencing that Winklevoss wrath as they claimed he stole $32 million worth of coins from them back in 2012.

Is a Social Network sequel in the making?

Over in the alternate reality that is the Ethereum ecosystem Vitalik has been creepin’.

And event speakers have been cursing.

Meanwhile SpankChain advisor Brenna Sparks has been throwing people off during #NotNutNovember.

Heard of Cuck Tower? Brenna would be proud. Check out the video below!

Speaking of Spank. They won a Dapp Award! They are officially the “Best Utility Token” and we can’t help but agree. Congratulations guys!

In a new segment this week we discuss the best way to spend a bear market.

One guy has bought 67,000 acres of land in North Nevada, claiming he intends to build a ‘crypto city’. That sounds like a lot of stress though.

We wonder if he plans to create his own utility token? Hopefully he thinks it through.

Meanwhile Andreas’ shared his thoughts on what works for him and what is in the pipeline.

We like his strategy more. It has less subsequent headaches than starting a city.

As you all know too well, bear markets are great a time for comedy. Step forward Mr John McAfee.

And if you’d like one final laugh before leaving this week’s newsletter, we suggest you watch the video below. Embrace the pain kids. It will make you stronger.

Remember, need 100x leverage? Use Andreas’ referral link on BitMEX.

Adios, Shitcoiners.

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