Newsletter #13 (October 12th, 2018)

October 16, 2018
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Why hello Shitcoiners,

We hope that despite your portfolio continuing to look like a train-wreck you are in high spirits!

Here’s your weekly rundown of what Andreas has been reading this week and some key things you need to know about in the world of crypto.

First there was Lil’ Windex, now Soulja Boy is getting in on the action, pushing Bitcoin to the mainstream.

As part of his latest album “Young Drako”, the US rapped has “cranked” out the unimaginatively (or genius, your call) track titled “Bitcoin”. He talks of mad gains. He must have got in more than 9 months ago then…

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From one Bitcoin shill to another. CEO Roger Ver was called a bully this week because of a “vigorous” debating performance against Charlie Lee, on the Coinsbank Cruise.

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In other Roger-related news, it was announced this week that the mobile wallet will no longer support Shapeshift. Following Shapeshift’s moves in recent weeks this is no surprise. But still a shame to think this will no longer be a feature on many platforms!

ABC leader, Mr. Sechet displayed some thought-provoking cynicism on Twitter last week stating that the longest Bitcoin chain is in fact the BTC chain. Amaury, continue to push those buttons. Don’t ever change.

Another man who likes to throw out a fact-based unpopular opinion or two is Daniel Krawisz. With the rise of the Bitcoin (BCH or BTC) maximalist Daniel was keen to point out that specific coin maximalism is bad position to take.

Diving further into the maximalism stance was Tim Swanson. Remember all, if it’s not Bitcoin, it’s a scam.

If you’re ever in a hostage situation Follow Paul’s advice. Share those slides above if your kidnappers are allowing you to tweet. Your friends and followers will know something is up.

In a move that some have hailed as banking 2.0, Blockstream announced the Liquid Network this week, a sidechain enabling fast transactions between brokers, exchanges and financial institutions.

The release has had a very mixed reception. The usual suspects (even Blockstream themselves) have been shilling hard.

Others have voiced their concerns.

Paul, you just triggered Samson...

… and then other chimed in on the sidechain argument.

It’s not just Paul though that had some criticism to share. Others have weighed in.

Suspected Blockstream sockpuppet and Magical Crypto Friend WhalePanda threw in his two cents. He drew an interesting connection between the Liquid release and that big dump that led to double digit dives in most charts.

When Twitter is getting a little heated, how do you cool off? We head to Luke Dashjr’s profile for some comedy gold.

A proud father of six children, Luke also wants to make sure he can get his growing family around safely. Elon, help a brother out.

We genuinely thought this next one was a response to something. Turns out Luke was just telling us how it is.

In some non-Bitcoin related news this week Zcash is bringing about some big changes with their “Sapling” upgrade on October 28th.

The Ethereum core development team is really going to shit these days. Someone reach out to Vitalik before it’s too late.

He was smoking weed? And… flirting?! We’re doomed.

Meanwhile in Italy, blockchain technology is getting some great coverage. Is that delightful uncooked chicken getting more attention due to the blockchain or is the blockchain getting more attention due to that chicken?

We will leave you to decide.

Meta financial advice

Our go-to crypto person on Pornhub, Brenna Sparks gave some meta financial advice last week. It seems some bitches have been telling her how to use her money. Do they not know Brenna has been into crypto since 2013? This girl knows what to do with her fiat.

And there you have it.

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Till next week, Shitcoiners.

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