Newsletter #12 (October 6th, 2018)

October 16, 2018
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Hello there Shitcoiners,

Welcome to another week of the bear market. Several months in now, when will this end?

Let's help you forget about it for a while. In this week’s newsletter we take a look at the weird intersection between crypto and politics, the low down on what Samson really thinks of that Bitmain IPO and so much more.

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“Bitcoin maximalists” are everywhere these days. One you may know, a certain Mr Pham, highlighted some of his kinks and made some interesting connections between rough sex, spicy food and hodling Bitcoin.

During this recent downturn the whole of Twitter has been getting contemplative. Cobra threw a curveball with a mention of a current situation in Silicon Valley hiring (as you do).

Zooko’s musings meanwhile were a little less divisive. His mom is right about this call. Some end-game shit going on in that battle. Too close to call.

When he’s not discussing the Zcash marketcap with his Mother, Zooko actually innovates. Case and point the Zcash 2.0 protocol that is just about to launch!

Hail the Leaders of Bitcoin!

With “leaders” of the space at the forefront of your mind (remember, Bitcoin has no leaders), Roger Ver commented on an article written on his very own about Samourai Wallet ditching fiat references.

He obviously was not a fan of the article and the Samourai team hit back.

Following the Jimmy blocking of DeRose by (key historical event? We think so), thought leader Chris said what we’re all thinking.

Is the B Foundation creating a weird cult-like echo-chamber?

We are waiting with bated breath to find out.

IRL Leaders (this whole newsletter feels so meta)

Former President of the United States and admirer of the Ladies Bill Clinton spoke to a packed crowd at Swell by Ripple last week.

A “marquee” speaker, we question how much understanding of crypto Bill has, the speech was a rambling one to say the least.

While many of you are probably here for the tech, Bill is definitely here for the untapped blockchain babes. He’s breaking into fresh territory. Oh Bill, we know what you're thinking, you dirty dog.

That race to the White House is getting talked up a lot right now.

Biden who historically pushed for the Counter Terrorism bill in 1991, sparking the need for PGP encryption, could present an interesting adversary to crypto as a whole if elected. The spice will flow very soon boys and girls.

Another man running the gauntlet is one Mr McAfee. He has literally zero desire to become President, instead he wants to spread the word on crypto.

Let's hope John gets in and decides he does in fact fancy the role. Then the White House get’s a new, gun wielding occupant. Stranger things have happened right?

Bridge building

This newsletter’s can feel all doom, gloom and controversy at times. It’s good to remind ourselves that despite the mud slinging and shouting, ultimately we’re all on the same team. CEO and Bitcoin Core advocate Juan Galt made friends on Twitter last week. Micon the Icon shared his well wishes.

Also if you’re intrigued to check out the debate between Juan and a room full of BCH peeps then click here. It’s a good one.

Sidechains and drivechains

The Drivechain project has really been gathering momentum. From creating a community 200 strong on telegram to scaling out to version 8 in barely a week, it’s been an exciting time for Paul.

Need a run down of what Drivechains and Sidechains are all about? Learn more below.

Bitmain IPO

It wouldn’t be a week of the newsletter without some talk of the biggest bitcoin business and their little IPO.

Shitposter extraordinaire Samson Mow has been surprisingly quiet on the matter until now. We sensed he was a little defeated considering the public offering on HKEX last week but he came out and said he just didn’t have time to read through it.

Now he has, and so the shitposting continues.

And here he is again…

As a C-level executive of a company you’d think Samson would have more to do than focus so much on another business and their IPO.

His drivel is even getting through to the masses. Does this mean his campaign is working?

Meta financial advice

Our go-to crypto person on Pornhub, Brenna Sparks gave some meta financial advice last week. It seems some bitches have been telling her how to use her money. Do they not know Brenna has been into crypto since 2013? This girl knows what to do with her fiat.

Speaking of people with a little cash in the non-fiat bank. Coingeek big boss and gaming billionaire Calvin Ayre was spotted frolicking in the Antiguan water with a selection of the Caribbean’s finest ladies of leisure (unconfirmed, but assumed).

One observer pointed out that the quality of Calvin’s girls was a little sub-par. Some would blame the bear market, others would say a matter of taste.

Anyway, who are we to judge.

One group of guys who are not rolling in bodacious babes are the Tokyo Bitcoin meetup group at Two Dogs in Japan.

However, it is great to a good friend of, Felix Weis in shot!

From one set of dictactors to another (the benevolent one). Deadal Nix waded in on the discussion about coin burning last week, highlighting the initial Satoshi stance.

Coinbase meanwhile are doing some educating of their own by introducing informational asset pages on all top 50 coins.

Let's hope this gives entry-level Bitcoiners some oversight into what they're pumping their money into. That Coinbase homepage was looking insanely bare until recently.

We would also like to take a chance to shoutout and show our support to Ross Ulbricht, who as of last week has spent 5 years behind bars.

To mark this a series of videos about events has been released titled “Railroaded”. They are well worth the watch.

If you haven’t signed up to the petition to free a man who simply created a website and wish to help Ross, we urge you to do your bit. Visit

And there you have it.

Remember, need 100x leverage? Use Andreas’ referral link on BitMEX.

Till next week, Shitcoiners.

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