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October 16, 2018
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Hello there Shitcoiners,

In this weeks newsletter we talk bugs, Bitmain and cocaine.

No, seriously. We didn’t make that up for the convenient rhyme, these are just some of Andreas’ best nuggets from the world of crypto — brought to you in one, easy to digest newsletter (tell your friends).

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Last week’s bug, CVE-2018-17144, reverberated around the Bitcoin community. Awemany, the dev who found it wrote up an account of his disclosure. An intriguing read with as expected a ton of commentary — all at various stages on the shitposting spectrum.

Some were quick to point out how the tables were turned in light of last month’s BCH bug uncovering.

Our favourite bipolar Twitter personality threw his two cents into the shit storm. In a real-life case of “oh no he didn’t!”, Cobra spoke out against Matt Corallo, the man behind the inflation bug calling him “Unprofessional”… burn.

We don’t know about you, but Matt seems a little butthurt.

After pondering the issue, Cobra stuck his knife in a little further highlighting the removal of the alert system from Bitcoin Core.

The war rages on in the minds of some about which is the real Bitcoin. Meanwhile one observer noted that due to a consensus fork way back in 2016, Bitcoin Unlimited was the only BTC client abiding by the original consensus rules. So, shock horror, Bitcoin Core was not.

Matt is definitely rising to our “favourites” list due to his divisive statements. Will he take the throne from Luke Dashjr?

Either way we are so happy they are interacting. Queue the fireworks.

Bitmain: the weekly spice

We might as well make this a section in the newsletter because love them or hate them, Jihan and his team are very often the talk of the town.

Samson is a one man FUD machine as of late. He can’t help but take a swipe at one of the most profitable companies in crypto.

Speaking of that Bitmain conference in Georgia Samson was referring to, what a nerd fest. Our next tweet clearly shows a bunch of people staring at computer cooling fans…

So excite, much wow.

Back to the Bitmain news and they officially filed for an IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. $2,517,719,000 in revenue in 2017, and as of June 30 this year, $2,845,467,000.

Samson’s Twitter has been funnily quiet about this development. I don’t know many people who could spin those numbers.

The B Foundation causing all sorts of controversy

Bitcoin Mussolini, Giacomo Zucco, announced The B Foundation at the Baltic Honeybadger conference this week. A non-profit organisation and a new way to “direct funding” — that old chestnut.

The community responded.

In further controversy Giacomo caused a stir with his “Four Universal Truths” slide. This guy really knows how to get the people going!

Even faithful Roman Catholic Luke wasn’t onboard with those non-negotiable truths.

We don’t know exactly what friend of, Chris DeRose did to upset the new leader of Bitcoin, but we sure hope he unblocks him soon.

Hang in there, Chris!

All in all, the Baltic Honeybadger conference felt (from afar) like another BTC circle jerk.

Weird that at a Bitcoin conference you can’t even pay for tickets through a BTC payment gateway? They should fix that.

Does Tone like a little nose candy?

In a bearmarket like this, there’s nothing else to do but sift through old tweets and expose industry “influencers”. He did spend some years on Wall Street where we’ve heard they love the white stuff.

Introducing, Tone “Pow Pow” Vays.

Tone is also experimenting with the Carnivore diet. While it works for some (Shitcoin CEO Andreas pulls it off), it might not be working for Tone.

Again, sorry Chris, you are blocked.

Drivechain release!

Paul Sztorc is pushing forward with sidechains (applause!). His Drivechain project has been making waves in the community this week.

The game-theory behind Paul’s project suggests people will not be able to avoid Drivechain. However, as Andreas points out, many in crypto will hate it.

If you want a walkthrough of how to dive in, then check out the usage tour here. Also, join the Telegram chat and join the conversation.

Crypto Giggles

This week in Bitcoin has felt like a controversial one but let us end this newsletter with a laugh (or two, maybe three).

And there you have it.

Remember, need 100x leverage? Use Andreas’ referral link on BitMEX.

Till next time Shitcoiners!

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