Newsletter #57 - News & Memes 🤡

September 5, 2019
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Hey there Shitcoiners,

In a week where Ethereum was gobbling up capacity we have the best crypto-related content Andreas has been digesting this week.

We hope you brought some soothing juices as this bad boy is going to get hot.

Last week’s big news was Craig Wright. Faketoshi had a pretty rough day in court. In fact, the US magistrate overseeing proceedings went as far as to say he was committing perjury. Oh boy.

Regardless of the ruling, we aren’t quite sure how CSW is supposed to pay Ira if he has never and will never be able to access the $10 billion. But maybe the following rumour is true?

Do you think Craig has access to the Tulip Trust? Will he get all of those coins? Let us know on Telegram.

We remember Craig crying like a baby and telling the court he felt bad that “his creation” was being used for “illicit purposes”.

Well, turns out even most of the mixed Bitcoin is not being used by the baddies.

Enough CSW. It's time for more exciting matters. SideShift AI, the rapid coin swap has had a big week as it's native token SAI was listed on CoinEx!

In celebration of the news, the AI @ SideShift AI was intent on getting a new hashtag to stick.

If you haven’t got a SideShift AI ACCESS CODE yet, be sure to click here and get yours now.

While some had good weeks, Mike In Space had an interesting one. It turns out he is not a big hit amongst the Latin American Bitcoin community.

CoinSpice, whose channel the controversy went down on are heading down under to Townsville for the upcoming Bitcoin Cash City conference we hear. Look at those car wraps.

Are you heading to the Bitcoin Cash City Conference? Let us know on Telegram!

Now to a Bitcoin Cash arch-nemesis. Samson has been posting insightful photos all over Twitter. Now he’s listening to bedtime stories too.

You didn't think we'd forget this next part did you? Let us take you down the windy road of no return, welcome to Luke Dashjr Corner!

Take a moment to digest this slice of Twitter gold.

If Luke’s latest shenanigans didn’t get you smiling, we hope one of the following hilarious posts will.  

First up Andreas caught the following ad floating around on Twitter in r/Jobs4Bitcoins. Chief Meme Officer Blake has volunteered to get his own fragrance. We will update you when we have news.

Equally hilarious is giving TRX to your newborn. It's quite funny when you think about it. A new life has entered the world with endless possibilities and opportunities ahead.

And then you force Tron on it.

Now to wrap this one up, you may have been wondering where the hell Arthur has been hiding. Well, our questions have been answered.

To stay in the loop on all the things you need to know, follow Andreas on Twitter. And remember now is your chance to apply for a SideShift AI ACCESS CODE. Join the fun.

See you next time.


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