Newsletter #54 - Binance & Other Shenanigans

August 9, 2019
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Hello Shitcoiners,

Welcome to the newsletter jam-packed on the regular with spicy crypto content, super hot memes and the must know news. We have it all.

To kick off proceedings this week let’s start with a chuckle or two. First of all there was a petition to stop Ripple dumping. Some golden comments from bagholders include mentions of “multiple partnerships that should see the price rising” and “losing motivation to invest as they keep losing money”. This is so great.

There wasalso  talk of a Bitcoin CBD gym. Is this a parody or not? We can’t tell. It mentions Tony Robbins and Pitbull. Again, this doesn’t help us.

To continue the laugh out loud moments we divert your attention to Shitcoin TV where this week a new show was premiered. “A Game of Shitcoins” is the hottest crypto game show around. This week’s show featured head honcho Andreasversus Mike In Space!

Now to serious news, reports surfaced this week of leaked KYC data from Binance.

As always CoinDesk pumped out an article within minutes and may or may not have been telling the full story.

Despite our concerns, they did confirm with us they were sharing the full story.

Some in the community called this bad journalism.

CZ jumped in, sharing a message and statement from Binance about what they are calling a false leak.

We checked out the Telegram channel and can confirm the following is legit.

To other important news, SideShift AI had a research announcement to share involving Adam Back.

Now to a section of the newsletter we haven’t had in the while, well because we have better things to write about. Craig Wright just had a shocker.

The first news to surface was that he had lost his lawsuit against Roger Ver in the UK. The court cited “defamation tourism”. In other words, they don’t agree with Craig suing in the UK as he thought he was more likely to win.

We also heard straight from Roger himself that all of his legal fees will be covered by Craig, victory!

One man who will have likely been encouraged by this is Peter McCormack. The podcast maestro is set for his own appearance versus Craig in the coming weeks and his legal defence is finally together.

Now to the world of SpankChain. The adult entertainment ecosystem have launched a gamechanging product, SpankPay, a crypto payments solution.

We like their marketing too.

Now to some important questions, would you buy these shoes?

Would you keep buying these “ice-creamflated” delights of yesteryear?

And finally, to round this one off. Although we can’t say you should simply buy the orange coin, as our business model is built on you buying the other colours too, we have a message for you.

Keep buying the coins (shitcoins included) and everything will be okay. This is not financial advice.

To stay in the loop on all the things you need to know, follow Andreas on Twitter. And remember now is your chance to apply for a SideShift AI ACCESS CODE. Join the fun.

See you next week.


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